Frightening water collision caught on tape

A man who was hit by a boat while on a Jet Ski speaks out, thanking the deck hand who quickly stepped in to help.
2:17 | 01/19/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Frightening water collision caught on tape
We start this half hour with the frightening collision caught on tape. A man on a jet ski hit by a boat now speaking about the quick-thinking deck hand who rushed in to help. Trevor Ault has the story. Good morning, Trevor. Reporter: Good morning. This could have played out so much worse. He says a yacht blocked part of his view, and then a split second later, the boat was on top of him, and thankfully the rescue was under way a few moments later. A heart-stopping collision captured in the caribbean. A fishing boat slamming into a man on a jet ski at full speed. I knew there was going to be an impact. It was unavoidable. Reporter: Mike Higbee was on vacation with his family in St. Barts. He says by the time he saw that boat barrelling toward him, it was too late. When I lose consciousness, I was 5 feet out right before impact. Reporter: He was unconscious and bleeding, facedown in the water, his brother unable to flip him over, but help was on the way. I looked up right at it. Just watched it happen. Reporter: Ryan was working on a yacht dock nearby and sprang into action. I took my phone out, threw the hat off and dove down in the water. Reporter: The 21-year-old telling ABC he quickly boarded a jet ski of his own helping to pull the still unconscious father of two out of the water and onto shore. He had a large gash in his forehead. He was bleeding a good bit out of that. A couple of people I remember seeing had -- had thought that we were fishing out a non-living person. Reporter: Higbee says he fractured six vertebrae, but he'll be okay, and he's lucky to have survived at all. This has given me, like, a real sense of gratitude for being alive, and it's sort of fun to think a kid half my age saved my life. He's my hero. Reporter: As he recovers, he has a chance to thank his hero. It's not every time I get to say thank you to, you know, people who literally save your life. Reporter: It's going to take a few months for Mike to recover. He says right now he's only allowed to carry up to ten pounds so he's not allowed to hold his 4-month-old baby, but he kept talking about his good fortune, and he says a plastic surgeon was on vacation and stitched up the gash in his forehead. A lot of good luck for what could have been a terrible situation. Good luck in the aftermath. Thank you very much, Trevor. Appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"A man who was hit by a boat while on a Jet Ski speaks out, thanking the deck hand who quickly stepped in to help.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68384775","title":"Frightening water collision caught on tape","url":"/GMA/News/video/frightening-water-collision-caught-tape-68384775"}