Giuliani says Trump reimbursed Cohen $130K

Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told Fox News that the president reimbursed his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, for a payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.
3:43 | 05/03/18

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Transcript for Giuliani says Trump reimbursed Cohen $130K
Big breaking news overnight, president trump is tweeting about that bombshell from his lawyer Rudy Giuliani. He is one of the president's attorneys in the Russia investigation. And trump did repay, this is what Giuliani is saying, did repay his personal attorney Michael Cohen for the $130,000 used to pay off stormy Daniels. Our chief national affairs correspondent, Tom llamas, has the latest developments. Good morning, Tom. Reporter: Good morning to you. It was a stunning interview last night and now new evidence that president trump did not tell the full truth about the money paid in a hush agreement to porn star stormy Daniels. Overnight, the president's attorney, Rudy Giuliani revealing in a live TV interview the president repaid his personal attorney Michael Cohen for facilitating that $130,000 payment to stormy Daniels to silence her about an alleged sexual encounter she had with Mr. Trump back in 2006. An apparent contradiction to the president's past claims. I'm giving you a fact now you don't know. It's not campaign money. No campaign finance violation. So -- They funneled it through a law firm. Funneled through a law firm and the president repaid it. Reporter: Just last month president trump told reporters aboard air force one he didn't know about the payment made by his personal attorney Michael Cohen. Did you know about the $130,000 payment to stormy Daniels? No, no. Then why did -- Reporter: In a previous statement to ABC news Cohen said he facilitated the payment using a home equity line of credit that neither the trump organization nor the trump campaign were ever involved. But according to Giuliani, who was also part of the campaign, the payoff was well known. Everybody was nervous about this interest the very beginning. I wasn't. I knew how much money Donald Trump put into that campaign. I said $130,000? Going to do a couple of checks for $130,000. When I heard Cohen's retainer of 35,000 when he was doing no work for the president I Dade that's how he's repaying -- how he's repaying it, with a little profit and a little margin for paying taxes from Michael. That's fraud. That's illegal. Reporter: Stormy Daniels' attorney seizing on the bombshell interview. I don't care where you line up, you should be disgusted by what has happened in connection with the lies that you have been told over the last three months about this payment. Reporter: The justice department and the federal election commission already looking into how the payment was handled. But Giuliani adamant no major crimes were committed. And as we mentioned at the top of the broadcast the president just tweeted about this moments ago. Want to put those up now. He explains how he paid Michael Cohen that it nothing to do with the campaign and also makes a major announcement and says he will enforce that nondiclosure agreement with stormy Daniels and he also says he is going to seek damages because he believes she has broken that confidentiality agreement. You got three tweets from the president saying he knew nothing about it. Another major contradiction, contradicting the president's rationale on the firing of jaiments. There was so much news in that interview. There was another major headline doing with James Comey. In that Rudy Giuliani says one of the reasons why the president fired James Comey was because Comey would not say that president trump wasn't a target of the Russia investigation. That's also another major contradiction from president trump. His previous statements were that he tweeted just last month, Comey was not fired because of the Russia investigation. A lot to get to. Let's bring in Jon Karl for more

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani told Fox News that the president reimbursed his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, for a payment to porn star Stormy Daniels.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54902349","title":"Giuliani says Trump reimbursed Cohen $130K","url":"/GMA/News/video/giuliani-trump-reimbursed-cohen-130k-54902349"}