GOP, Democrats score wins in high-stakes primaries

Former coalmining tycoon Don Blankenship lost the GOP Senate primary in West Virginia, one of the most closely watched races.
2:49 | 05/09/18

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Transcript for GOP, Democrats score wins in high-stakes primaries
We move on to those primary races yesterday setting the stages for they have's midterms. The GOP put forward their three strongest candidates for senate in Ohio, Indiana and west Virginia. Where don Blankenship came up short after president trump came out against hit candidacy. Our chief national affairs correspondent spoke to him last night. Tom llamas joins us. Good morning. Reporter: Don Blankenship said he was trumpier than trump but the feeling wasn't mutual. On Twitter president trump telling voters not to vote for him and Blankenship telling me that tweet torpedoed his campaign. Republican voters fearing what they thought could be a catastrophe. Overnight Blankenship conceding. He ran as an outsider taking on the establishment including senate majority leader Mitch Mcconnell. One of my goals as U.S. Senator will be to ditch Mitch. When you're voting for me you're controlling for the sake of kids. Reporter: The cocaine Mitch claim a ship was found with smuggled drugs. Mcconnell firing back with this humorous tweet, Mcconnell reimagined as Pablo Escobar for the TV show "Narcos" can the message thanks for playing, don. He attacked Mcconnell's wife Elaine Chao in another campaign ad. Mitch Mcconnell created millions of jobs for China people while doing so he's gotten rich and his China family has given him tens of millions of dollars. Reporter: During ABC's live digital coverage I asked about his use of the word China people and how some asian-americans were offended. Why not apologize. I D that's legitimately offended but I don't believe that the politicians are legitimately offended. Reporter: Now, Blankenship did win in one way, his parole ended yesterday. He served a year in prison in connection with that mine explosion where 29 miners died throughout this campaign, Blankenship blamed the federal government for that accident, come November senator Joe Manchin, the Democrat, will take on the Republican here Patrick Morrisey. And Republicans have some hope to mount a strong challenge. Indiana, deep red state and a Democrat on the ballot there against a Republican won yesterday. Reporter: Yeah, this was another big headline last night, especially for Republicans. Mike Braun ran against two congressmen in Indiana and he actually carried around cardboard cutouts of the two congressmen asking voters if they could tell the difference. That case there in Indiana Republican voters chose the outsider Mike Braun who will face off in November in that senate Up against senator Joe Donnelly. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Former coalmining tycoon Don Blankenship lost the GOP Senate primary in West Virginia, one of the most closely watched races.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55037820","title":"GOP, Democrats score wins in high-stakes primaries","url":"/GMA/News/video/gop-democrats-score-wins-high-stakes-primaries-55037820"}