Helicopter crash in Grand Canyon kills 3

A helicopter touring through Grand Canyon National Park crashed late Saturday afternoon, killing three people and injuring four.
3:40 | 02/11/18

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Transcript for Helicopter crash in Grand Canyon kills 3
However, we want to start with breaking news. A helicopter crash in the grand canyon. That chopper going down in flames in rocky terrain three people dead and several others injured. Choppers arriving on scene. This is a tricky mission. Marci Gonzalez is in las Vegas. Good morning to you. Good morning. It's unclear where the flight originated. We know the tour company operates its flights here from Vegas. The focus is getting the four people injured to safety. Reporter: This morning a tour helicopter in a ball of flames after kracrashing in the grand con canyon. Seven people on board. These images from a tourist on a different tour exploring the canyon. A witness describing the scene. I saw a helicopter making a couple weird turns like it was getting ready to land. I never seen that type of landing before. Tilted. Went down between mountains. Tail broke off. It crashed. I heard one big boom and then probably about five explosions after that. It burst into flames. It happened sunset Saturday. The helicopter 0 euro kopter made by air bus. The tour company add advertising a day of adventure saying it flies 600,000 passengers a year. These images of the winding region showing how difficult the area can be to navigate. Because of the terrain you can't walk into rescue the people. All rescues have to be conducted by aircraft. Reporter: A search of their safety record revealed 16 incidents in the region. Back in 2001 a helicopter crashed killing six. It's still unclear what caused this crash. Thank you. A lot of questions still. Let's bring in Steven ganyard a former marine core pilot who@ has flown in that area before. Steve, you were saying the conditions can be especially tough. Yeah. I'll state the obvious. It's some of the most rugged terrain in the world. Until you fly there you can't appreciate how tough the plying is. The air is very thin since the altitude is quite high at the rim. Very challenging flying conditions. You can see why it's been tough to get in rescuers over night. It's in a ravine. The way we're looking at the wreckage it doesn't look like a controlled crash. It looks like something catastrophic that happened. Given how tricky it is to fly in this area, would you recommend tourists not take these chopper flights? Dan, people have to understand, when you go to these beautiful places you're in rugged terrain. If something happens, you're being put in a tough situation. I think when people think about are we going to get on that helicopter you need to do your due diligence. It's not a disneyland ride. There are risk. Steve ganyard we appreciate your expertise. We'll move on to politics.

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{"id":52999434,"title":"Helicopter crash in Grand Canyon kills 3","duration":"3:40","description":"A helicopter touring through Grand Canyon National Park crashed late Saturday afternoon, killing three people and injuring four.","url":"/GMA/News/video/helicopter-crash-grand-canyon-kills-52999434","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}