Hidden ways big brands are making you pay

Experts warn that some manufacturers are quietly shrinking package sizes, and in some cases, making consumers pay the same price.
3:34 | 07/08/21

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Transcript for Hidden ways big brands are making you pay
Now we have a consumer alert. A look at what you may be getting at the store or rather not. Getting at the store some shoppers say manufacturers are putting less in their packages by keeping prices the same. Consumer correspondent Becky Worley joins us with but to look out for good morning packing. Robin good morning value is a measure of what you get than the amount you pay yes prices have been going up but now. Another form of inflation it's called shrinks elation you pay the same amount for things but to get less. This morning experts learn Sri inflation is on the rise. Route and slowly increasing the price our products producer as well and and it. Aren't easily making it slightly more conventional wisdom is that an explicit price increase being noticed by consumers regain. At least right. A all the recent hires are may not be are all. Let's write some manufacturers quietly shrinking package sizes and in some cases. Consumers paying the same price at good or ski is a watchdog consumer world dot org paper goods cookies. Snack crackers. Margarine hot dogs he says even do Reno's. One Smart shopper alert endorsed in March that this nine point 75 ounce package of two read us. Is now half an ounce smaller nine point 25 ounces. In June we found Wal-Mart selling the smaller bags online for 22 cents more then the larger one. You're probably not going to miss it. But think from the Frito-Lay standpoint. If they save half an ounce on every bag. Multiply that times the tens of millions of bags. That's a big savings for them. Another consumer reporting that week bins are also. Thinning out weakens real snacks for real life a savvy shopper telling George skiing at the box was one pound or sixteen ounce 12218. But is fourteen ounces this year and in May the shopper finding Wal-Mart selling at two different sized packages since the same price. You're getting two ounces last so in essence you're paying more. You're gonna have to go to the store more often because of the package MDs quicker. Only reached out to the makers of Doritos and weak dense reading get a response. Paper products these classical grand paper towels going from a 160 sheets on a roll last year. To a 140. Sheets this year Costello telling ABC news the change is temporary duty increased demand and the price was dropped accordingly. You probably lost a full role in one of those large packages. Despite translations experts say price per unit is more important to pay attention to than and hour. We tend remember how much things cost what can I tell just by look or feel that this is a few ounces lighter Arafat. Thirty sheets fewer I at can't price per unit. Is what tells you that Robin and that's usually listed right there on the track of sneaky sneaky sneaky and backing you have a tip about buying in bulk. Yeah I mean as always this is the way to save when prices start going not so even if you go win on paper towels or teach me would another family down the street. It does help to keep the unit cost down on many of these household items every little penny counts right there really does they have injury dose for breakfast with. I will just. You've got the kids about the cleanup yeah. I've always thinking back.

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{"duration":"3:34","description":"Experts warn that some manufacturers are quietly shrinking package sizes, and in some cases, making consumers pay the same price.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78730180","title":"Hidden ways big brands are making you pay","url":"/GMA/News/video/hidden-ways-big-brands-making-pay-78730180"}