Homes, buildings destroyed amid Hawaii volcano emergency

The Kilauea volcano has been erupting for six straight days and has consumed at least 35 structures while nearly 2,000 people have evacuated the area.
2:40 | 05/08/18

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Transcript for Homes, buildings destroyed amid Hawaii volcano emergency
Now to that volcano emergency in Hawaii. In an incredible look inside that volcano spewing lava hundreds of feet in the air and spreading a potentially dangerous cloud of toxic gas far as as 60 miles away at least 35 homes and buildings have been destroyed and kayna Whitworth is on Hawaii's big island with the latest. Good morning, kayna. Reporter: Michael, good morning. We have a total of 12 cracks in the Earth but authorities are saying volcanic activity has subsided a bit at least for now. Still, the hazardous fumes continue and this morning a new problem as authorities try to figure out how to remove flammable material from a nearby geothermal plant. Panic on the island this morning as two new cracks in the Earth open up. Wow. Reporter: Spewing lava into a community already devastated by the wrath of the kilauea volcano. Kilauea now violently erupting for six straight days, sending stress throughout the paradise island. When you look out here behind me you did see she's plumes of smoke. Each one is a spate crack in the Earth that is spilling out lava over Leilani estates. Reporter: The neighborhood will never be the same. The nearly 2,000 people evacuated fearing the worst. And saying good-bye and just hoping for the best but not knowing. Reporter: Those who chose to stay witnessing the destruction firsthand. The sheer destruction of this to your neighborhood. It'll never be the same. Never ever. Saw three houses burn yesterday with my own eyes. Reporter: The lava now streaming through ray line of fissures over two miles long and shooting up to 330 feet in the air higher than the statue of liberty's torch. It destroyed that home there and completely taken over this road. In some places it is stacked some 20 feet high and you can feel the heat radiating from it. The lava already reaching temperatures of nearly 2,000 degrees, so hot it can melt gold. Take a look at this time-lapse videotape of a mustang bursting into flames as it's devoured by a wave of lava. And while the crisis continues, the community is coming together in the evacuation centers. When everything is gone there's no way to replace everything and to get back a little of what we had we can keep living. Reporter: They have 200 people in shelters leaders are trying to get help from FEMA and create access to communities that have been cut off because of new cracks in major highways. Michael. All right, thank you so much, kayna. What a tragic situation out there in Hawaii. And now to a big change that

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{"duration":"2:40","description":"The Kilauea volcano has been erupting for six straight days and has consumed at least 35 structures while nearly 2,000 people have evacuated the area.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55009025","title":"Homes, buildings destroyed amid Hawaii volcano emergency","url":"/GMA/News/video/homes-buildings-destroyed-amid-hawaii-volcano-emergency-55009025"}