Those impacted by Theranos speak out

Breast cancer survivor Sheri Ackert received inaccurate blood test results from Theranos, and retired executive assistant Eileen Lepera lost $100,000 investing in the so-called revolutionary company.
4:04 | 03/15/19

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Transcript for Those impacted by Theranos speak out
fall and rise of Elizabeth Holmes whose company theranos promised to revolutionize blood tests with just the prick of the finger. The blood tests didn't work and Rebecca Jarvis has the story from some who claim they are the victims of theranos. Reporter: After ten years in silicon valley, Elizabeth Holmes seemed unstoppable. Do everything. Walgreens, that's the they have decided that your way is the way to go. Reporter: She now envisioned a nationwide takeover. Access for every person means rolling this out ultimately within five miles of every person's home. Reporter: That would give millions of people access to her so-called revolutionary technology. As theranos began building its wellness centers in Walgreens, the first major expansion was Arizona. I first was diagnosed with breast cancer back in 2013. I would get a sharp pain in my left breast. I had gotten pretty thin. Everybody was worried and, boom, there was a tumor. Reporter: Sherry, a wife and grandmother, was 57 years old when she began the fight for her life. I had the bilateral mastectomy in the beginning of reconstruction and four months of chemotherapy. I managed well through the treatments and just kind of went back to life kind of my new normal, I guess. Reporter: That new normal meant getting her blood drawn regularly to make sure she remained cancer-free. My ob/gyn said do you want to try one of the theranos labs? I think Walgreens has a great reputation, oh, they're willing to bring theranos in. They must be okay. All right. This is the Walgreens where I had the infamous blood draw. Seemed to know what they were doing. And that was that. Reporter: But things took a terrifying turn when sherry got her results. I will never forget that day. I saw that the one amount was over 300 and called my oncologist office and the Thursday called me back and said, I am so sorry. That's not good. There could be a tumor growing somewhere. Reporter: The doctor told sherry to go in for more tests but this time recommended a non-theranos lab. It was about a week later, I got the call from my doctor and he said, congratulations, your estrogen is basically nonexistent. Reporter: No new tumor. No new cancer. The theranos test had been off by hundreds of points. Sherry said she tried to reach out to the company for answers but didn't get a response. No one from theranos ever called me to apologize. That's the least you can do when you mess up so badly. Not okay. Definitely not okay. Now, by the way, Elizabeth Holmes denies wrongdoing. Walgreens ended its relationship with theranos back in 2016 and later sued theranos. The two companies settled with no admission of wrongdoing but an unimaginable thing to live with that fear and have your worst fear realized and living with that. So this is really a fascinating look. Rebecca Jarvis is on maternity leave so three years with her team she spent so this is an incredible -- Investors were victims as well, high-profile people on the I mean for the longest time she seemed to be the big new thing in biotech. Absolutely. Hundreds of thousands of dollars and they want that money They sure do.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Breast cancer survivor Sheri Ackert received inaccurate blood test results from Theranos, and retired executive assistant Eileen Lepera lost $100,000 investing in the so-called revolutionary company. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"61707984","title":"Those impacted by Theranos speak out","url":"/GMA/News/video/impacted-theranos-speak-61707984"}