Inside Clubhouse, the newest online phenomenon

ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis explores the new social network that's invite-only and encourages users to actually talk to each other using their voice.
3:54 | 02/16/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inside Clubhouse, the newest online phenomenon
Now to the hottest social media app that's out right now, clubhouse, the exclusive app is already installed more than 5 million times around the world. Rebecca Jarvis joins us with more on how it works. Good morning, Rebecca. Reporter: Hey, Michael. Nice to see you. Yeah, in just the last few weeks this app has exploded in popularity. It is audio only and you can think of it as an audio only exploration of conversations with vips, sometimes can you participate directly, other times you can be a fly on the wall and already people have joined. Everyone from drake to Elon Musk to Barbara Corcoran. If you have not heard about clubhouse yet, you are absolutely missing out. What is clubhouse and should you be on it? Spoiler, yes, you should. Reporter: Clubhouse, the exclusive invite only social networking app that is suddenly popping up everywhere. These little boxes that you see right here with a title and people within it are what's called brooms. Reporter: In each of those rooms users can be a fly on the wallisening in on conversations and interviews on loads of topics like a virtual dinner party on your phone. People are doing any and everything on clubhouse. They're pitching businesses, dating, there are stand-up comedy rooms. You have that option to raise your hand and join the conversation. Reporter: It's becoming a viral sensation in the stay-at-home pandemic era. Clubhouse hit over 2 million weekly users within the last month, Oprah and Serena Williams have been heard on it and recently Elon Musk joining the club. Tweeting, on clubhouse tonight at 10:00 P.M. L.A. Time, 5,000 people joined in the chat. Elon Musk, welcome to clubhouse. Thank you. Reporter: Like all of social media there are privacy considerations. My main concern with clubhouse is the fact that you have to give them your contact list on your phone in order to use the app and clubhouse still does have some real content moderation issues around the types of things that get said in Reporter: But that's not stopping tech titans from jumping in. So clubhouse definitely has competition waiting for it. Twitter already has a very similar feature called spaces. Facebook is in development right now for a feature and mark Cuban is actually developing an app called fireside. Reporter: Everyone is jumping on board and here it is, the app on my phone, clubhouse, I'll show you guys how it works so first of all you open the clubhouse app and you'll see at the top of the page there are a number of people who are recommended to follow. If you'd like to find more you can search through that top bar for people and it generally recommends celebrities, ab ton Kutcher, Barbara Corcoran. Marc benioff of salesforce right here. There's also a specific grouping of conversations that you can find. So, for example, if you're interested in tech, you can follow very specific tech conversations, things about Bitcoin, the start-up club, human behavior. If you're interested in sports, you can click on the sports conversations and see what's happening with, for example, the NFL club, the NBA fan club, these are all conversations you can join and it all happens in these rooms, so here you see a room called the future of work. That is a conversation specifically about the future of work, you decide whether you want to join and here's the fun part, guy, we're going to start a room right now here live on "Gma," so anybody who is already on the app clubhouse can see what it's all about so I'll start this room right here called "Gma" talk. We set the topic, yep. And here we go. On a street corner of New York, guy, live, we're going live on clubhouse, let's go, continue anyway. Here we go. And I'll see you guys on clubhouse, join me, Rebecca As long as you can't hear

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"ABC News' Rebecca Jarvis explores the new social network that's invite-only and encourages users to actually talk to each other using their voice.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75919152","title":"Inside Clubhouse, the newest online phenomenon","url":"/GMA/News/video/inside-clubhouse-newest-online-phenomenon-75919152"}