Jared Kushner speaks out on Middle East peace deal, US pandemic

President Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law shares details of the peace deal normalizing relations between Israel and Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.
4:51 | 09/15/20

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Transcript for Jared Kushner speaks out on Middle East peace deal, US pandemic
to the white house now where president trump will hold a ceremony today to sign a new peace deal normalizing relations between Israel and two Arab states, Bahrain and the united Arab Emirates. The president's senior adviser and son-in-law Jared Kushner played a key role and joins us from the north lawn of the white good morning, Jared. Thanks for joining us. This has the potential to a truly transformational event in the Middle East. Even experts critical of president trump in the past like Tom Friedman call it a major breakthrough. Can you explain what does it mean for U.S. National security? Why is it happening now? Yes, thank you, George, great to be with you. So this is the first peace agreement that happened in the Middle East in the last 26 years. This is between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. Then just last week president trump announced the second peace agreement he was able to broker in 29 days so we have two agreements being signed at the white house between Israel and Arab countries. This really signals the end, we believe, of the arab/israeli conflict. Still a lot more work to do but for 70 years in the region you've had the Arab countries not wanting to interact with Israel in a substantive way that led to a lot of people using hatred to do extremism, to -- which led to terrorism all throughout and America over the last 20 years has been very, very distracted with the middle East and have had, you know, hundreds of thousands of troops that have been through the Middle East. We've obviously had a lot of terror that we had threats coming to America so bringing peace to that region allows to us focus more here domestically and create less risk to America an obviously bring our troops home which is something that president trump has been doing. It is not end of the conflict between the Israeli and the Palestinians. The Palestinians calling this a betrayal. Are there hopes for a state now -- No, look, I think there is a lot of posture. I think what you're seeing is tremendous movement. They were caught by surprise by this. The Arab countries want to focus on their citizens and want them to have better lives and tired of waiting for the Palestinians to not be practical and make a deal. President trump is a dealmaker. A lot of the same people that were critical of him said if he was elected president would create wars but today at the white house you'll see he's making peace and not just historic peace but two at one time so the Palestinians have is an offer on the table. At some point when they decide they want to live better lives I believe they'll engage. We can't want peace for them more than they want it for themselves. One concern in Israel is a proposed U.S. Sale of f-35 fighter jets to the uae and there is a concern this could spark a new arms race in the Middle East. Well, actually making peace will hopefully create less need for arms in the Middle East because you'll have more focus on business and technology and health exchange. What you have obviously is president trump is reoriented our foreign policy in the middle East. When he got into office ISIS had a caliphate the size of Ohio. That's now been eliminated. Iran was flush with cash thanks to the terrible deal made by the previous administration. They were funding terrorists throughout the region who were causing instability all over the place. President trump got out of that deal and rolled that back. What we've done is rebuilt the alliances and strengthened the partnerships with our traditional partners in the region. President trump has brought everyone closer now pushing back. What he's doing is creating a new strategic framework that needs less American intervention less American troops and less American treasure in that region and hopefully creates more peacefulness that there's less threats of terror to America. One final question. You're also playing a key role in the covid response and saw that piece about Michael Caputo saying he's worried about sedition by the scientists at the CDC, resistance unit inside the CDC. Do you agree with that and why is someone who had those views have a job of responsibility like that at HHS? So obviously he works for the secretary there, secretary Azar who's done a very good job throughout this crisis. Look, I think that this is an unprecedented pandemic. There is a lot of tensions that have been high with a lot of people. We've been making a lot of the right decisions but, again, president trump has been focused on how do you make sure you get all the supplies to everyone who needs the supplies? That's been the role of the federal government and focused on operation warp speed which obviously we have three candidates in phase 3 trial for vaccine. The fastest vaccine ever to a phase 3 trial was 13 months. We've now done it in four months and four months and one week so moving forward on everything. We have a lot of people who have different opinions on different things but that's part of what makes this a successful administration and I will just say again, president trump doesn't do things in the Washington way. He does them in his own way but he's created results and that's what we're today at the white house celebrating which is again the first and second peace deal in the last 26 years in the Middle East which obviously is a tremendous, tremendous breakthrough for the world. Jared Kushner, thanks very much for your time this morning. Thank you, George. Great to be with you.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"President Trump's senior adviser and son-in-law shares details of the peace deal normalizing relations between Israel and Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73017680","title":"Jared Kushner speaks out on Middle East peace deal, US pandemic","url":"/GMA/News/video/jared-kushner-speaks-middle-east-peace-deal-us-73017680"}