Kavanaugh accuser won't testify before FBI probe

A lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, said she will not testify in Congress before the FBI investigates the matter.
4:13 | 09/19/18

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Transcript for Kavanaugh accuser won't testify before FBI probe
new move ernight by judge kaaccuser, cis blasey for R lawyer sent a letter the senate judiciary committee requestingn FBI ition befo stifies. They are standing firm against than and terryor tracking all the latest fromsupreme co goodmorning, Terry. Rter: Good rning. So, it's astalemat te judiciary committee controlled by Republicans is te forwa with that hearing N Monday to investigate the charge that blasey four decad ago. Dr. Ford won'te the she , unlesshe FBI investates her charges first. Been at eseng grilled in mock hearings pin showdown. But right now with bothides battling to shapepr it looks ly never Ta place. Overnigh cistine blay orney announced she will N testify an open against supreme court nominee brkavanaughnltain conditions are met. In a letter assed to senate judiciary commiirman chuck grasey she , while Dr. Life was being turned up down you and your staff schedulea publicearing T testify at the same table as judge kaugh to relive this traumatic ro incident. An FBI invgation ofhe inde be the first steps aressing H allegati F t8 hours she H been ding death threats and Hass if the senators who have come ard say T want to TRE U iteriously then they'll have an igation. Reporter: Senator grassley spending, the invition for Monday sti stands. Nothing the FBI or any other tells the here is no on for anyurther delay. Prtrump hashe authority to ask the FBI to open an investigation, but Heim the FBI doesn't want to do it. I don't they should be involved because they don't want T involved. Be I ceainly do that but Y insteadaising concerns about thesonal tol a this taking on his nominee il so badly forhim. Is is not a man that Rep not mentioning blasey Ford me. Hopefully theoman willome forward, state her se. He will state H caseefore representatives of the united States senate and then they ll vote. They will look at his career. They will look at what she had to say from 36 years ago and we will see what ens. Orter: Thehaos C from the period whelaims kavghassaulted R, around time stumbli Dru kavau forced H into a bem. She saidin Ta bed gred her and Ted to remove my clothing tel "Thepost" when S tried to scream hed over H mouth but she managed to pe uekavanaugh's friend mark judge who bsey Ford say was in the room during the aged incint defended naracter in tter toheommittee I hao memoryf this alleged incident Brett vanaugh and I were N high school but I do not real T part more to the point, I never saw Brett acin manner Dr. Ford describes. Blasey Ford's story Carri echoes of Anita hill's who faced a ttuous Heang 27 years ago after she made sexual rassment allegatio against Clarence Thomas wdly hem and was coned the sueme court. Oneralasions thos ld gly of his own sealprowess. Reporter: The ser ofhat happened in those explosive hegs back in 1991 is looming over whin rig now. Re they we for their cluelessness ansensitivityr that clceado the geor. Terry, tnks very ch. We're joined by the woman in the middle of thos hearings, Dr. Anita hi nversity

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{"duration":"4:13","description":"A lawyer for Christine Blasey Ford, who has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, said she will not testify in Congress before the FBI investigates the matter.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57928641","title":"Kavanaugh accuser won't testify before FBI probe","url":"/GMA/News/video/kavanaugh-accuser-testify-fbi-probe-57928641"}