Klobuchar responds to Joe Biden’s historic VP choice

The Minnesota senator and former presidential hopeful explains the importance of having a woman of color on the ticket and the historic significance this carries for the Democratic Party.
5:09 | 08/12/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Klobuchar responds to Joe Biden’s historic VP choice
Joining us now is Minnesota senator and former presidential candidate Amy klobuchar. Senator, thank you so much for spending some time with us this morning. We really do appreciate it. Always good to see you. I know that you supported that a woman of color be the vp selection by Joe Biden. Now, this is not only an historic moment for the democratic party but the nation as well. What do you believe that this moment means? First of all, kamala is my friend so I've got to look at it that way first and a lot of times when people run against each other, they grow farther apart. A lot of times people dent even speak to each other after. She and I became close friends. We grew to respect each other and so I got to talk to her yesterday. She is going to be a wonderful candidate but most importantly a wonderful vice president and in terms of the moment, robin, yes, it's historic. It's historic because for so long women of color have been as the movie once said hidden figures behind the scenes, building the rockets, doing the work and then not always getting that limelight and that changed yesterday when Joe Biden made this historic decision. I also think you're living in a time like no other with -- when you have the immigrants and the women of color, the African-Americans who have been so hit by this pandemic when you look at the numbers, their rates of dying and their rates of being on the front line doing those essential worker jobs way over their weight, double, triple, quadruple in some of the states and at the same time a national movement over the murder of George Floyd in my state so all of this comes together to make kamala such a great candidate and just we need someone with experience. We need someone who can work side by side with Joe Biden and truly govern and that's kamala Harris. What kind of challenge do you think that she poses to the trump campaign in this race? I think that she poses a challenge of being really smart and really tough and someone who's not going to take their grief and as someone who is going to simply do the work and go out there and they're going to try to throw stuff at her. Last night instead of just welcoming her to the race, that's what leaders do, right, they say, look, welcome to the race. That's not what happened with the president of the united he started calling her names. Those names that he has used against so many women during his presidency, nasty and angry and those kinds of things. And to me that just show what is kind of guy he is but what you're now going to see today when Joe Biden stands with my friend, kamala, you're going to see what kind of woman she is and that's someone of strength, someone of empathy, someone who loves her family, loves her husband, I think you're jt going to see something that's going to make any attacks that Donald Trump makes against her just be washed away by the goodness of this decision and the goodness of our next president, Joe Biden. As you said, senator, there has been criticism already of kamala Harris and many feel that some of the remarks have been sexist, something that you had to deal with during the primary. So how do you feel that that perhaps will be a factor in the coming months? I think it's going to happen all the time. All of us have faced it. As I said at one of the presidential debate, if this was so easy you could play a game called name your favorite woman president or maybe name your favorite woman vice president. You can't play that game because there's never been one and a lot of that is because women are held to different standards in politics and a lot of things that people said seem innocent but a lot of times they really go at things that get in people's heads. And I think the Biden campaign has handled this so well rolling out this tremendous woman yesterday as the candidate. I don't think they're going to let this happen. We've learned a lot over Hillary's election. We've learned a lot when she was running for senate and then what happened to her when she was running for president. We have learned a lot. And I think you already see a whole force of women and men standing up for kamala Harris and that's what's going to take. Again, I don't want all of that to lose this moment. Not just the historic moment, an African-American, indian-american woman on the ticket but also who she is and the fact she's on the intelligence committee and has done, I've seen it behind closed doors, not just in public, she's going to be able to work on foreign policy the moment she hits the white house. She's going to be able to work on justice issues with the work we've done together on the judiciary committee. All of her qualifications, senator, thank you so much. We'll see kamala Harris with Joe Biden later today for the first time together. But we appreciate your time as always. Thanks, robin. Amy.

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{"duration":"5:09","description":"The Minnesota senator and former presidential hopeful explains the importance of having a woman of color on the ticket and the historic significance this carries for the Democratic Party. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72322913","title":"Klobuchar responds to Joe Biden’s historic VP choice","url":"/GMA/News/video/klobuchar-responds-joe-bidens-historic-vp-choice-72322913"}