Man jailed at age 11 for a murder he says he didn't commit speaks out

21-year-old Jordan Brown talks for the first time about going to jail as a boy for a crime he says he didn't commit in an interview with ABC News' Juju Chang.
4:01 | 10/19/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man jailed at age 11 for a murder he says he didn't commit speaks out
We'll shift gears to our "Gma" cover story. It is about an exclusive interview with this young man who grew up behind bars arrested for murder at just 11 years old. His conviction was just overturned and now he's telling his story for the first time sitting down with ABC's juju Chang for a special "20/20." Juju, so many years lost for this young man. Absolutely, Michael. And, you know, there were headlines everywhere. He was dubbed the world's youngest monster. Jordan brown has never spoken publicly about being arrested for murder as a fifth grader until now. This summer the Pennsylvania supreme court in a rare move overturned his murder conviction and Jordan spoke exclusively to us for tonight's "20/20" about how his childhood was turned upside down. Child killer accused of a shocking crime at the age of 11. Reporter: It was the brutal crime and shocking arrest that garnered national headlines. February 2009, 26-year-old Kenzie Houk found dead in her rural Pennsylvania farm house. She was 8 1/2 months pregnant. The suspect, her 11-year-old soon-to-be stepson, Jordan browning. Less than 24 hours later, state police arrested Jordan accusing him of using his shotgun, a hunting gift from his dad, to fire one fatal bullet to the back of her head. Execution style before getting on the bus for school. This is the mug shot that was taken. I was crying in the picture. I was crying that whole night. I didn't understand what was happening. Like what was going on or anything. Did you understand what you stood accused of? No, I didn't understand. What do you see in this mug shot. I see somebody who just committed a murder. That's why there's a mug shot. Reporter: With his son facing life without the possibility of parole if tried as an adult, Chris brown began a year's long fight to free him driving four hours every day to visit him in juvenile detention. We were there over a thousand times. And so what made you need to be there? He's my son. Three years after his arrest a now 14-year-old Jordan is found guilty in juvenile court of double homicide. Obviously the police believe that you killed Kenzie. Did you kill Kenzie? No. Unde teared and convinced of his Vance his lawyers bring his case to the supreme court of Pennsylvania. And just this past July a stunning victory for the browns, Pennsylvania's supreme court sides with Jordan writing that the prosecution had presented insufficient evidence. Jordan's conviction overturned. Everything's gone. The truth finally got out. Reporter: During his incarceration he taught himself how to play guitar and is a pretty good basketball player. The way it happened is bs, but not -- can I say? Reporter: Now 21 Jordan says he's determined to focus on brighter days ahead. What are your hopes for your future? I just want to be successful. I just want to graduate college, you know, get a job in my major and be successful. What do you want to tell the world about you? That I'm innocent. That's the only thing I want people to know. Reporter: You know, I first spoke to Jordan's dad a decade ago for "Gma" and for tonight's "20/20" we interviewed several investigators, the original prosecutor and members of Kenzie's family who are still convinced that Jordan is guilty despite what the supreme court says was a lack of evidence. But there's also tonight a new witness who was there that morning in the house who has never spoken publicly before. Not for the trial. Not for the defense team. The young daughter who found Kenzie's body and honestly, Michael, she seems to shed new light. Shed new light on the case that this young man spent seven years in prison for. We can all watch it with Jordan tonight on "20/20" tonight at 9:00 central. I'll change gears and get right to this.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"21-year-old Jordan Brown talks for the first time about going to jail as a boy for a crime he says he didn't commit in an interview with ABC News' Juju Chang.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58609296","title":"Man jailed at age 11 for a murder he says he didn't commit speaks out","url":"/GMA/News/video/man-jailed-age-11-murder-commit-speaks-58609296"}