Maryland governor reacts to COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans

Gov. Larry Hogan tells “GMA” whether he thinks the vaccines are being distributed fairly among the states and how he plans to decide who gets vaccines first in his state.
3:44 | 12/03/20

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Transcript for Maryland governor reacts to COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans
Let's bring in one of the governors responsible for delivering it. Governor Larry hogan. Thanks for joining us. Your state will get allocated 155,000 doses of the pfizer and modern vaccine. What's your plan to distribute it? Well, you know, it's not enough even to cover our frontline health care workers. We have about 300,000 of those so our plan submitted to the CDC prioritizes the most vulnerable so frontline health care workers, nursing homes and then first responders and as they come in, we just start working our way down that pyramid of a list and so we're hoping to get maybe 300,000 by the end of December and then hopefully it's going to ramp up from there as production starts to accelerate. You say it's not enough to cover the health care workers at the beginning at least. Are they being distributed in a fair way, in your view? I think they are. You know, I've been critical when I thought that things weren't going well at the federal level. I think "Operation warp speed" is a tremendous success and all of the communication that we've had with the folks at the federal level has been great and have a good plank, I think, in getting these distributed. How fast can we get these vaccines out thereo cover as many people as we can. What's your advice to the people of your state waiting for this. We saw the mayor of Los Angeles Eric garcetti say cancel everything? Well, you know, sadly this is the darkest days yet ahead and hearing the statistics you were just talking about, the worst part of this virus is still coming and in the weeks and maybe the month or two to come. And we're not going to have enough for everybody so just asking for patience. The good news is the cavalry is on the way. There is a light at the end of the tunnel but we still have pain to go through before we get this under control. Not everybody is yet convinced it's safe to take the vaccine. Well, it's really important that we are able to convince people it's safe. I mean some of the polling showed that somewhere over 50% of the people don't feel like they want to get a vaccine. We can't get this under control unless we get somewhere around 70% or more of the people to be Governor -- We still have to do a good job of convincing people. We saw that moment in your press conference where you teared up as you were talking about the death of that 1-year-old who suffered from covid. The magnitude of the crisis really seemed to hit home for new that moment. Well, you know, we talk. We have these press conferences and talk about the deaths and record deaths and record hospitalizations and every one of them is an important life and we sometimes get confused with talking about numbers but when I was talking about youngest 1-year-old who died, it just hit me thinking about my grandkids and thinking about those parents. And, governor, have you made contact with the Biden transition? Are you convinced we'll have a seamless transition when it comes to "Operation warp speed," vaccine distribution dealing with this pandemic? Yes. Well, I was concerned about that at first but I'm feeling much better about it. With the leadership of the national governors association we had a great conversation with President-Elect Biden and vice President-Elect Harris. I'm very pleased that it sounds like the coronavirus task force and the current administration is now including them in briefings and bringing them up to speed because it's really -- in the middle of the worst battle of this war and the handoff has to be smooth and work together and no politics in this virus. Governor hogan, thanks for your time this morning. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:44","description":"Gov. Larry Hogan tells “GMA” whether he thinks the vaccines are being distributed fairly among the states and how he plans to decide who gets vaccines first in his state.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74517395","title":"Maryland governor reacts to COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans","url":"/GMA/News/video/maryland-governor-reacts-covid-19-vaccine-distribution-plans-74517395"}