Michelle De La Isla could become the first Latina to represent Kansas in Congress

In 2017, Michelle De La Isla won a close election to become the first Latina mayor of Topeka, Kansas. Now, she is trying to set new milestones running for Congress.
18:07 | 10/29/20

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Transcript for Michelle De La Isla could become the first Latina to represent Kansas in Congress
Around 7:30 in the morning I get this text message from Stephanie our campaign manager and it says Barack Obama just adore Steve. And oh my god it was just like he's my second favorite president Lincoln is my first went but it was just like. It it was a real. You do some therapy. All are right into this number right swimsuit. Actually might have eighteen demos. There I. Have you ever run you are right. Today. So much. Big if though I am about to do my daily news right typically Sunday is anywhere from thirty to forty but today we're Pauly gonna try to hit fifteen claim miles. Period. I wouldn't see that coming from. Puerto Rico to Kansas changed my politics I think that'd help me. Understand that I had a voice. Looking peninsula have been me. This may be just so yes he seem on the mountain look at the in thing you blame game. People look at me and obviously one of these things it's not like the other in Kansas. What I've learned is the stories are the scene. That would find. I'm already the first. Person I thought you know this and that's ever been on the ballot for federal office in Kansas. And still having to deal with they need to have my voice amplified. We are now going to meats business this. And leavenworth from looking forward to that I left talking to our local businesses. And seriously considering my wardrobe options because. It's hot out there. It's interesting people automatically making you know having an expectation of how they think that I should sound the week that I dress. The way that I talk. But you learn. Choose to do everything that you are. My here's their story. You should see my here when I don't vote right. My mannerisms when I am not either on camera or when I am not out in the community. Are not as milder because I understand that I have to mend itself in order for me to people to be successful. Never talk about my opponent. And and it's character. Eight. I have to focus on what I do. As a leader you learn very early on that the most important thing is not how you feel it's how somebody else feels in your presence. My hope is that. I don't have to hear about any firsts anymore because our country eventually is gonna understand that were presentation matters. What a wake up in the morning air watch president thank you speak to the people of America Online. You know. I think assumptions that people make out of of me. Is. I live in to peak the way I understand the issues in rural communities. Your Hispanic how do you feel that you're going to be able to connect to people. You're a Democrat. Your anti gun. I mean whether you're Republican you're Democrat you're white you're black. Families are trying to figure out how they're going to provide health care for their families. The fact that. We haven't figured out the week of intensive I think their small businesses in the middle market corporations were able to park taking on the benefits. Fifth makes you sick. Not only. I am okay. I so the number one thing for me as health care making sure that the Affordable Care Act the still available we must have a unified message of Covert and we must come up. With relief for small businesses because school but it is not only a health issue is a health and economic issues. He would have expected that meeting with a group of businesses they would say. Business incentives and it wasn't that at all it was like Emily. Families because. Who tracked. I. News right. Same thing I listened to an employment City Council my shop. Just by virtue of being Puerto Rican I am black from Spain and I Nina. When you look at my DNA I am. I think like most he's being at a black people want to perpetuate a box. And what the legal might my grandmother from New York used to call me uneasy because I was a dark it's one in the house. But aside from that everybody in Puerto Rico is like all different colors and you don't address people. By telling them all your that the patient wonder you're like the blonde one so for me this whole concept on how to Wyatt addressed to you and how will how do you consider yourself and the constant that your race. In your ethnicity in a state in the nation to me it's a completely new concept. My house in my kids are my safe place. We had a lot of fun together and I get to be loud in dance was dumb and have loud music in the house and you know in and do all those things. Paying. Boot image was. It. I think there ru Paul said once everybody does drag right everybody puts on the suit. And they played the world that they're supposed to play. In India and you do it not because it's about you you do it because your heart. Wants to do something better for the community. Your heart understands that in order for you to be able to accomplish something it's not about you you need to and you know figure out a way that everybody feels comfortable. So did you could accomplish things so asking me to tell somebody no need to adapt to me I don't think the facts. That's not my sentiment. Why I'm. I want to wake up in the morning. In I have to wonder what the hell they're BM. Hey wanna wake up in the morning. Did not mean. My president. Seen something horrible from the scene a president later. The city of Topeka and to pick a police department are investigating what happened when some legal Mitchell was arrested August 23. She's filed a complaint alleging the officer used excessive force causing injuries were face. They can talk about that because we're in the middle of losses. Opinion poll Nelson an excellent program. And body slammed me face first. Police officers are important. And they are heroes in our community. And I AM ever grateful especially for the to beat the police department I have the best people in the city to keep. But it doesn't preclude me from saying what I feel which is the black lives matter in our country we are seen men. Predominantly being killed. And in many cases by the hand of bad cops. And it's not just about the cops. It's time for us understand our history insulin for us to right or wrong. We have family suffering and dying and it's it's time for us to do something different. Phil Lawrence Kansas. We're gonna have a little rallies have them watch. Yeah. Not Clark. I think I remind people that. I'm human and I want to learn what their issues are I often tell my kids and everybody you have to learn to listen to understand. Start the second district. Asia I'll. Today. When I. Talk to individuals that kind our defense and field think that on the right candidate. I just listen to what their concerns are and then we end up finding that. We have a lot more in common. This country have lost its way. That's the beauty of this country in this country you have ability to. Have your thoughts and you have the right to vote. A right that was fought for. Right that only a hundred years of the women in half. All I care about is that people turn on a vote. Because if you're right. She'll bring. People to get out there and get people could be trying to their Republican sisters. The debate they understand that you know what you you're getting wrong information and it's okay. I respect your opinion. It nearly. Loud. Like proud but that you degrade and we'll go. I. That. That situation happened to me and I went home and I asked my mom for how. And looked at her told to what the issue was and she's that are provoked it and I said. We. The nickel for a job. And they never came back I never once felt like I was homeless because I always hat like a place and I could just like crashed her or something. But I kept on trying to go to school throughout this whole process and I only had a backpack full of clothes. And I couldn't find a place to stay in I was sitting in an abandoned house. And I would wake up in the morning and I would take a shower in the campus. That's when I ended up pregnant what my son's. I remembered that I was. So depressed and so terrified I did in get up the couch for like two days but then I made the decision you know. He's is like the baby's not responsible for this I'm gonna have my kid. In re enrolled. Boldly. I had an interim dean. He's like look I'm going to tell you something. The you may not understand right now. But I want you to always remember. You have power in and I just want it to just. Yell at him when he setback is how it's just like dude I'm the epitome of powerlessness. And he just looked to me he's like I know what you're thinking just bear with me just bear with me he's like you have power because. You pass on pretty dramatic stuff. You can't control what other people do to you but you can certainly control how you respond. And that change my life. When little air was born. I was able to apply for over two programs and that's when. I sort of breaking homelessness it's surreal to think that I didn't even know that I was homeless in how many other people are in the same position that I am. And have. No idea. Because you just insert rifleman. Floor room with the look at. Kerry Kennedy. The morning it is such an honor I still get it. I like chills when I have to athletes and youth. Introduce me. Whenever things get really hard and always remember that Connolly send somebody. God only since an Angel got always opens up the door and there's always a way. It pretty boat. Every vote yes go out there it get there. You may call it karma you may call it you know coincidence you just may call it luck but whenever things get really hard I always think of the beautiful people that have been. In my life. That's a big source district I mean just knowing how much I have to repeat back. Back Eden. I was. Rules in army's. I know that. Lady there are getting angry. If you want to talk about failure. Everything actress with a more. Can be their wake up thinking what that he on the table but I think that anybody that's trying to leave his is always thinking of that. And is the owner of November 5 2008. After Obama was elected. Well simple as slap duties were pressed muscle and I wondered if passed would be deacons were I think it's all cast my vote. Silva product with Hearst older hours that would pass 108 that changed our grass. Then that might opera those shackles free from all of and we heard that has high out Clinton victories out. Oh the winds of change has come along the mighty river. Lincoln dances in his grave because Barack has seized eight. You know.

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{"duration":"18:07","description":"In 2017, Michelle De La Isla won a close election to become the first Latina mayor of Topeka, Kansas. Now, she is trying to set new milestones running for Congress.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73896313","title":"Michelle De La Isla could become the first Latina to represent Kansas in Congress","url":"/GMA/News/video/michelle-de-la-isla-latina-represent-kansas-congress-73896313"}