Midwest slammed with winter snow and ice

The temperature has dropped to the teens as snow covers the streets and wind gusts hit more than 30 mph.
3:38 | 01/19/19

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Transcript for Midwest slammed with winter snow and ice
Good morning, America. We begin with that massive winter storm barreling across the country pounding the midwest overnight. Heavy snow and freezing rain causing over a thousand delays or cancellations. Take a look at these pictures from Milwaukee this morning where they are getting a pretty good amount of snow, and in Chicago you've also got windy and snowy conditions. And now the northeast is bracing for blizzard-like conditions, brutal cold and in some places several feet of snow. Rob is out this morning but we brought in a ringer. Sam champion is right here tracking the storm from central park. What's the latest this morning? Good morning, everyone. Good morning, Dan. Yeah, we can pull out all the big descriptive winter terms because this storm has them all. Let's start with the fact this is the biggest winter storm of the season so far and get right to the board and show you what's going on this morning and tell everyone what to expect. As it hauls east it'ing to crank up and that becomes a more powerful storm even on the east coast than it is right now and here's where the snow is falling right now. Take a look at northern Illinois into Milwaukee. You're getting some in Michigan as well. Northern Indiana getting some snow. Look at these warnings, watches and alerts. Just take the pink, the winter storm warning and there's about 116 million people involved in those watches and warnings there. When you take the entire storm even the tornado watch that's well down into Louisiana, Mississippi right now, you've got almost 200 million people under the so let's watch it move because there's rain, there's storms, there's ice, there's snow. By the time we get to 6:00 P.M. On Saturday, we already have a band from Memphis all the way into Blanchett, New York and practically into Boston with the snow falling. Overnight is when the snow really starts to collect in northern new England. It just pounds there. But we will get a mix along the coastline so don't worry. Throughout the morning and throughout the day we're going to tell you when that changes and what your snow totals will be. Some people will get more than two feet of snow and right now it's already snowing in Chicago. That's where our Kenneth Moton is. Reporter: Sam, right now we are getting hammered out here. Lake Michigan to my left, to my right snow covered streets, the wind is gusting at more than 30 miles per hour. The visibility is not any better. It's at three-quarters of a mile as this major storm impacts the region. This morning, whiteout conditions across parts of the midwest as this major winter storm strengthens. Near Kansas City, snow blowing sideways making for treacherous travel. Cars abandoned on the side of the road. In Chicago, heavy snow is blanketing the city where nearly a half a foot is expected. In Wisconsin, plows are at work as crews try to keep the roads clear. Some cars still spinning out. In southern Minnesota, this tractor trailer in a ditch after nearly a foot of snow fell here. Snarling traffic. In Omaha this southwest plane slid off the runway after arriving at Epley airfield in icy conditions. Southwest, he went off the end of the runway down there. Reporter: Luckily, none of the 156 passengers were hurt. Also this morning, avalanche warnings in three western states after the storm dumped feet of snow in parts of the rockies. In Colorado rescuers jumped into action after authorities say a skier at a popular resort outside Denver caused an avalanche. While no injuries were reported, officials urged residents in the area to remain on high alert. This morning, emergency crews across the northeast are bracing for this dangerous winter weather as the storm marches east. Here in Chicago, this will be the scene for much of the morning again. This area expects to get a half a foot of snow. The other big story, guys, the temperatures. The windchill expected to be in the teens. Dan, Eva. That does not look like a fun live shot, Kenneth. Go inside and get warm, please.

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{"id":60489196,"title":"Midwest slammed with winter snow and ice","duration":"3:38","description":"The temperature has dropped to the teens as snow covers the streets and wind gusts hit more than 30 mph.","url":"/GMA/News/video/midwest-slammed-winter-snow-ice-60489196","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}