NBA star details coronavirus from isolation

Donovan Mitchell speaks exclusively to "GMA" about how he is feeling and what his symptoms were before he got tested for COVID-19 as well as an update on how long he will be in isolation.
6:30 | 03/16/20

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Transcript for NBA star details coronavirus from isolation
Michael. We continue with the latest on the coronavirus and our exclusive with NBA star Donovan Mitchell who has tested positive while his Utah jazz teammate Rudy Gobert received backlash after jokingly touching reporters' microphones a day before he tested positive. We're going to speak with Donovan from isolation in just a moment but first, Paula Faris with the story. Reporter: This is the moment the first NBA game was cancelled in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic after Utah jazz center Rudy Gobert testing positive for the virus. The positive test coming just days after Gobert mocked the virus by touching all of the microphones and recorders in front of him at a press conference. The next day, Gobert's teammate, all-star guard Donovan Mitchell, tested positive as well. Mitchell took to Instagram to discuss his diagnosis, saying, hopefully people can continue to educate themselves and realize that they need to behave responsibly both for their own health and for the well-being of those around them. And over the weekend there was another positive test in the NBA, Detroit pistons forward Christian wood seen here playing against Gobert, tested positive. Now Gobert is apologizing for the way he handled the coronavirus outbreak. I wish I would have taken this thing more seriously and I hope everyone else will do so because we can do it together. Reporter: For "Good morning America," Paula Faris, ABC news, New York. Our thanks to Paula for that report, and now joining us is Donovan Mitchell in isolation. It is great to see you, Donovan. First of all, how are you feeling this morning? Great to see you too as well. Thank you for having me. I'm -- I'm fine. You know, things are going well. Just in isolation. Got a unique setup. But yeah, no fever, no symptoms as of right now. I'm just blessed to be able to be okay. We're thankful to hear that. What are doctors telling you right now? Right now the biggest thing for me is just to stay in isolation and just keep to myself. I have no symptoms which is a unique situation. No symptoms now and you had no symptoms when you were tested. You didn't feel ill at all? No. I keep making a joke when people ask me. I would say if you were to tell me I could play in a seven-game series tomorrow, I would be ready to lace up. I'm blessed that that's the case. Tell us what the testing was like for people who may have to be tested. It's actually interesting. We all got tested and for me it was -- for us it was a swab down my throat. It was about 15 seconds of probably the most discomfort I ever had. I ended up crying. Tears came out of my eyes when they started going up in this area. It was definitely unique, but I'm glad I was able to get it done. In Paula's report we heard from your teammate Rudy Gobert, and he has been very apologetic and he has admitted also that he was reckless, though he didn't know at the time that he was going to test positive but still his actions were reckless. Have you had a chance -- and again, he has apologized but have you had a chance to have any communication with your teammate? To be honest with you, robin, it took a while for me to kind of cool off and I read what he said and I heard what he said, so I'm glad he's doing okay. I'm glad I'm doing well. I'm just really happy, to be honest, robin, that it's just -- I hate to say it's just two of us but it wasn't the whole party. At the end of the day neither him or I have children at home. I know I have teammates that have children, staff that have children at home, so I'm glad that we were able to kind of contain it as much as possible. Thankfully the vast majority of people will recover, but can you just again just tell people what your message is for them this morning. I'm asymptomatic. I don't have any symptoms. I could walk down the street. If it wasn't public knowledge that I was sick, you wouldn't know it. I think that's the scariest part about this virus, is that you may seem fine, be fine and you never know who you may be talking to who they're going home to. You're in isolation. Yeah, drink of water. Always. Got to stay hydrated. That's true, always. So what are you doing? You're an active guy. What are you doing in isolation? How are you occupying your time? Movies and I think some of the basketball world saw yesterday, some of the guys watching old highlights. I've been doing a lot of that. I watched myself through college. I watched myself through the NBA. It's kind of bringing back good memories but you miss the game, miss playing in front of some of the best fans in the world in the NBA. And the school children all across the country and I know, Donovan, that you're doing something to help out there in your community with them. What is it? Yes. So right now I'm working on a partnership with the Salt Lake granite school district. That's about 88 to 90 schools, about 66,000 kids, just being able to provide them meals, you know. In that particular school district in Salt Lake City is home to some of the most vulnerable children in salt Lake. I just want to be able to give back because like I said this is -- time will tell. You really don't know. You can't say. Doctors can't pinpoint a date, so for parents who may not have the money, you know, being able to not send their kids off to school to get food I think is a scary feeling for them and I want to be able to make sure that they're set and they understand that guys like myself and whoever may have their back. Appreciate your generosity there, Donovan, and great to hear about your father. In all sincerity, glad that you're doing as well as you are and appreciate very much you taking some time to spend with us. You take care. Yes. Thank you so much. Be well. He visited his father who's with the mets and fortunately came back negative but you heard him talk about how uncomfortable the testing was but he's the first to admit how grateful he was to take the test. You may think that you're doing fine but you just can't think of yourself but think of others as well when you're going through this. Don't be selfish basically. No. Great job, robin. Coming up, how to keep your

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{"duration":"6:30","description":"Donovan Mitchell speaks exclusively to \"GMA\" about how he is feeling and what his symptoms were before he got tested for COVID-19 as well as an update on how long he will be in isolation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69616682","title":"NBA star details coronavirus from isolation","url":"/GMA/News/video/nba-star-details-coronavirus-isolation-69616682"}