Officials grapple with record cases of COVID-19 across the country

The U.S. reported its highest number of cases in a single day since the pandemic began on Friday.
3:14 | 10/31/20

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Transcript for Officials grapple with record cases of COVID-19 across the country
Now to the pandemic. As mentioned states reported their highest number of cases in a single day since the pandemic began. More than 97,000 in a single 24-hour period. The record comes as the U.S. Reaches a grim milestone. ABC's Trevor Ault is here in new York City with the latest. Good morning, Trevor. Reporter: Good morning, Eva. You know, the covid infection counts have been steadily rising since we got into the fall to the point more than half of the U.S. Shattered records this month and experts fear more deaths are going to follow as already this virus is claiming the lives of more than 800 Americans every day. This morning, as America passes 9 million confirmed covid-19 cases and infections rise in all but two states, nearly all of the U.S. Is fighting an apparent losing battle to contain the virus. The cases continue to increase. The hospitalizations continue to increase and the deaths continue to increase. Reporter: In the month of October, 29 states and P Rico hit new record highs for cases, 22 states and Guam saw record hospitalizations and ten states saw daily deaths higher than ever before. The midwest being particularly devastated. The virus is raging throughout the state of Ohio. Reporter: With crowded parties of maskless college students sparking concern,o state now issuing warnings to students ahead of Halloween weekend and Saturday's football game against Penn state. The vast majority of our cases are exposed in small INGs with family and friends who they they know and can trust. Reporter: A North Carolina church has learned that lesson the hard way. 181 cases tied to a single service in Charlotte including five deaths. In Illinois, hospitalizations Havey doubled in the past few weeks. The governor ordering emergency shutdowns of many bars and restaurants sparking lawsuits filed by dozens of restaurant owners. The restaurant industry is being singled out for closure even though restaurants are the most highly regulated, frequently inspected and health focused industry there is. Reporter: In El Paso, police say they won't be enforcing an order restricting businesses to essential operations despite a judge saying the area is under siege by the deadly virus as hospitals swell beyond capacity. We have a patient up on the floor right now that we've been waiting three days to transfer. Reporter: As we enter flu season in Illinois and California we're now seeing the first instances of patients catching coronavirus and influenza. A potentially lethal combination. These are different viruses attacking similar portions O the body and so the dual insult is quite significant. Reporter: And in Utah, as respiratory therapists and icu nurses flock to hospitals inundated with covid patients, those health care workers pleading for people to take the threat seriously. They die alone. They get the treatment alone. So we ask very much so for your help. Reporter: And as trials continue for covid treatments, regeneron has now paused the study of its experimental. Antibody cocktail in patients who need intense oxygen treatments but they are going to continue testing it on those

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{"duration":"3:14","description":"The U.S. reported its highest number of cases in a single day since the pandemic began on Friday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73940700","title":"Officials grapple with record cases of COVID-19 across the country","url":"/GMA/News/video/officials-grapple-record-cases-covid-19-country-73940700"}