Oklahoma town devastated by massive tornado

Authorities are searching for survivors in the wreckage in El Reno, Oklahoma, where residents had little time to react when the tornado struck.
4:05 | 05/27/19

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Transcript for Oklahoma town devastated by massive tornado
But we begin this morning with the deadly storms across tornado alley. Oklahoma's governor declaring a state of emergency in the devastated town of el Reno alone, at least two people were killed and 29 injured. Authorities are still searching for those missing after a major ef-3 tornado with winds up to 145 miles per hour. It plowed through there. There have been 191 reported twisters across the country in just one week and more are in the forecast. Rob Marciano starts us off in el Reno with the very latest. Rob, good morning. Reporter: Good morning, Tom. It has been a rough nine days, day after day of severe weather and flooding. Just when we thought we could get through the weekend, this happens. That's the second floor of a hotel ripped off. This is either a radio tower or a construction crane. Honestly, you really can't tell one thing from the other here. Buildings have been crushed and in many cases homes have been flattened. This morning, a scene of devastation in el Reno, Oklahoma. A mobile home park leveled, cars turned over, roofs ripped off buildings, homes flattened. We heard the whistling of the tornados and felt the trailer shake. It felt like the roof was ripping and stuff was snapping around it. Elton garrison rescued his family from the wreckage. What was going through your mind when you couldn't get this tom? The main thing was get them out before that wall collapsed. Reporter: His son recounting how dire the danger was. If I didn't get out I would have probably -- I was on the couch. Reporter: This view shows you the frightening force of this tornado, flipping these homes over and in most cases obliterating them. El Reno residents had little time to react. Those who lost everything seeking refuse in a car dealership next door that served as a triage unit. The thing that was most devastating is when I walked in there and the shiny tile floor was covered with blood. Reporter: Authorities still searching for survivors in the wreckage. We called the urban search and rescue team and they're going to start at the trailer park area edge and work through that area to make sure that we got all the numbers. Reporter: Several towns in the central U.S. Hit hard by severe storms, injuring almost 100 people and killing at least six. Winds of up to 145 miles an hour as a twister smashed through town in the middle of the night. Bodies everywhere, people everywhere, don't know dead or alive. Reporter: Just a horrific scene here. They do get a bit of a break weatherwise today but the scenario sets up again tomorrow for severe weather with the potential of tornados tomorrow here and through Kansas cicity, Tulsa, Jefferson city, places that have got hit badly in this past week. El Reno, you probably know, has a history of tornados. Back in 2013 a mammoth tornado came through and did so much destruction and killed at least eight people there so this is not something they want to see again and it has happened again unfortunately, looking forward to getting through Tuesday safely. Paula. Horrific scene indeed as you just described, rob. We want to thank you because you're doing a lot of important work there. We want to turn over to ginger. Ginger, there's no end in sight. More trouble is on its way. It's so hard to hear, el Reno, I remember being there for that major tornados. It's not just Oklahoma. New Mexico, the video behind me here, that is a tornado in new Mexico. They do happen and it certainly isn't just there. Come with me because the population centers today that are in the severe weather threat, when we show you pictures like that, these are the areas we think this could happen today. Anywhere from western Kansas over through northern Missouri. Chicago, Peoria, northwest Indiana down to nearly Indianapolis, Detroit, tloed doe included. A lot of rivers in parts of the ozarks are just full and beyond full, so flash flooding and regular flooding all a possibility today with these storms from Minneapolis down through Oklahoma. We'll be watching the water too.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Authorities are searching for survivors in the wreckage in El Reno, Oklahoma, where residents had little time to react when the tornado struck.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63301058","title":"Oklahoma town devastated by massive tornado","url":"/GMA/News/video/oklahoma-town-devastated-massive-tornado-63301058"}