Oppressive conditions leave 29 states under heat warning

Midwestern states getting relief from the summer scorcher but still dealing with severe weather.
4:01 | 07/21/19

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Transcript for Oppressive conditions leave 29 states under heat warning
wave, gripping the country. The dangerous conditions not letting up on the east coast as temperatures continue to soar. In Boston they're hitting the pool to cool off. Coney island, here in New York City, thousands swarming the beach. Midwestern states already getting relief from the summer scorcher, but now dealing with severe weather, thunderstorms and strong wind gusts knocking out power to hundreds of thousands of people. And that extreme weather is now heading to the major cities in the northeast, but first, there's more intense heat to rob is standing by with your forecast. But we start here with ABC's Kaylee Hartung who's out in new York City's central park. Kaylee, good morning to you. Reporter: Good morning, Dan. Records set overnight, up and down the east coast, from Virginia to Massachusetts. In some places it felt hotter than 90 degrees in the middle of the night. While we haven't felt any relief in part of the country like they have in the midwest, there's another day of blistering temperatures ahead for so many. More than 94 million, from Oklahoma to Maine, enduring potentially life-threatening conditions through the hottest weekend of the summer. At Washington's dulles airport, monitors warn outside crews to stay hydrated due to extreme temperatures. The golf carts will deliver water throughout the day and on request. We have a number of methods that we use to prevent heat exhaustion. So, we have cooling stations strategically placed around the terminal with Gatorade, water Reporter: In Boston, the city stepping in, opening cooling stations. Allowing residents to use pools free of charge. In the midwest, hundreds of thousands waking up to another day without power, after severe storms brought down hundred of power lines. From the dakotas to Michigan. In New York City, mayor De Blasio working closely with the office of emergency management. The weather service called this one almost to the exact degree. This is really serious. This is not business as usual. Reporter: Authorities keeping a close eye on the power grid. Right now, we're in a heat-related emergency. You see on the left and the right over there are power outages that we're monitoring from the major power companies. Reporter: Beachgoers flocking to coney island trying to beat the heat. The intense rays making even simple tasks unbearable. It's hot. We had to get in the sprinklers to cool ourselves down to finish walking. Reporter: This infrared camera showing just how hot it feels. Officials issuing strong warnings to stay inside and hydrate. While in Arkansas, police are politely asking all criminal activity to hold off, at least until cooler weather moves in on Monday. That police department in Arkansas having some fun with their community, asking them to stay inside in their air-conditioning, to binge-watch a Netflix series. All jokes aside, the message is to stay inside and stay out of this sun if you're at risk. Kaylee, come on back inside, we got ac here. When are we going to get some relief? Rob is the man with the answers. Good morning to you. At least one more day of heat and humidity, if you take that infrared gun and point it at sidewalks it would read 140, 150, so this is dangerous stuff. We're not cooling off. Excessive heat warnings from Wichita, and from Raleigh up to Boston, some overnight lows not getting below 80. Feeling like 90 degrees right now in Philadelphia and New York City. So, you got the urban development, you got climate change, all compiling for this sort stuff. So, today, I think the east will see the most of it. 101 in Louisville. 110 in D.C. 109 in Philadelphia. Heat plus humidity, we do get relief that cool front that's going to be dropping down. D.C. And New York we get it Monday. Tuesday, the threat of more severe weather. Whit All right, cooldown can't come fast enough. All right, rob, thank you.

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"Midwestern states getting relief from the summer scorcher but still dealing with severe weather.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"64467542","title":"Oppressive conditions leave 29 states under heat warning","url":"/GMA/News/video/oppressive-conditions-leave-29-states-heat-warning-64467542"}