Parkland students react to Trump's comments to the NRA

President Trump attended a Dallas NRA convention, reaffirming his support for gun rights and arming teachers to ensure school safety.
3:02 | 05/05/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Parkland students react to Trump's comments to the NRA
President trump was in Dallas on Friday at an NRA convention re affirming his support for gun right and supporting. Arming teachers to ensure school safety ABC's picture of Ken though is meanwhile at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school on Parkland Florida this morning he's covering your reaction. From the survivors of the massacre there. Pick your good morning to you. Good morning dated Paula we spoke with a parent of one of the victims. Who says that they really don't have a problem with what the president said to the NRA he just wants to see safer schools. Meanwhile for the students here Stillman Douglas they have something else on their minds tonight is the senior from. Here's Second Amendment Rights. Are undersea. But they will have cut their hair. Unions siege. As long time references. In his nearly hour long speech at the NRA convention in Dallas president trump again wading into the middle of the gun control debate. Repeating his COLT arm teachers in the wake of the Portland shooting that left seventeen dead. Game there students and the American let anybody hurt. They are students the president says his administration is working to enhance early warning systems so that when the police circle. All swiftly. Actions taken. But no mention of his previous support for raising the minimum age to purchase certain firearms or expanded background checks. The president's words coming as family and friends of those Portland victims. Continued to try and move forward. Every day is a struggle that hasn't gotten any easier. Three months and I don't expect that an arrest in my life Angel Molex daughter meadow was killed in the mass shooting. He's filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the school shooter the school resource officer who allegedly didn't enter the building as the shooting unfolded. And several mental health institutes know he's working to ensure a tragedy like this doesn't happen again. Whenever you bring up the gun word if you have a hundred people want to roam they're not gonna agree on if you put a hundred people in the room and I talked to about school safety. What most likely gonna get a hundred people saying yes let's do that for kids and make to. School say meadow wood having going to prom tonight. Instead the night will be dedicated to her in the other seniors who were killed. A video tribute and a moment of silence are planned that I wasn't even really. Thinking I was still going to go to prom. The night will be bittersweet Stillman Douglass students Victoria Gonzales and Dylan McGrady. Will be celebrating without their best friend Joaquin all over who was also gunned down. But I know ledge. I know he's like he's proud right now of like both of us now we're both going to prom and think we're gonna have a good time just like you. Here few details that we learned about probably will be held at the Westin hotel in Fort Lauderdale. They are providing he ballroom food beverage is everything for free an estimated value of 50000 dollars. The general manager of the hotel tells me that they just wanted to create something special for these students to leave a lasting memory after what has been such a typical year. Then all of ticket thank you.

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{"id":54956503,"title":"Parkland students react to Trump's comments to the NRA","duration":"3:02","description":"President Trump attended a Dallas NRA convention, reaffirming his support for gun rights and arming teachers to ensure school safety.","url":"/GMA/News/video/parkland-students-react-trumps-comments-nra-54956503","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}