Patriots' owner on Brady, Super Bowl

Robert Kraft speaks out in an exclusive interview on "GMA" about Tom Brady and the Patriots' return to the Super Bowl, controversies surrounding the NFL and more.
7:51 | 01/23/19

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Transcript for Patriots' owner on Brady, Super Bowl
We are back with that ABC news exclusive, new England patriots owner Robert Kraft is here as he prepares to head to his tenth super bowl. It's a record for any NFL owner and he's opening up about his team, his quarterback, his coach as well as the controversy surrounding the NFL. We're going to speak to him live in a moment but first here's Paula Faris with a look at Kraft's 25 years as patriots owner. Good morning, Paula. Good morning to you, Michael. Good morning, everyone. Back in 2000 Robert Kraft took a chance on an unremarkable quarterback from the university of Michigan, Tom Brady. He's already won five super bowls. The success of Brady and Kraft is inextricably linked. Since buying the new England patriots in 1994, Robert Kraft has become NFL royalty turning his $172 million investment into one that's worth more than $3.8 billion, making the patriots the valuable franchise in the NFL. In 2000 betting on a sixth round draft pick from Michigan. Quarterback Tom Brady was drafted 199th overall and he would soon lead them to five championships, that once unfamiliar quarterback now a superstar married to a supermodel, Brady leading the team to each of those five titles. Now 41 years old, the future hall of famer showing no signs of slowing down. But that doesn't stop fans of opposing teams from trying to stop the patriot dynasty. The NFL is investigating this green laser from last week's afc championship game. Meantime, Kraft, Brady and the patriots continuing their fight -- Hello, super bowl. Reporter: -- On their way to their ninth super bowl together. It is pretty remarkable. Officials do not believe that green laser affected that game in any way but love them, hate them, you have to respect what the patriots have done. The super bowl just one week from Sunday in Atlanta and, Michael, wow, Tom Brady has changed a lot from his days at the university of Michigan. You watched him. I did. It's great to have the guy who brought him into the NFL, Robert Kraft is here with us. Congratulations on another super bowl. Thank you, Michael. Well deserved. You took two from us. You know, you won five, don't get greedy. We're going to talk -- we're happy you're in the super bowl. We'll talk about something else everyone is still talking about. I know robin discusses it on the daily, the interference call in the NFC championship game and as one of the leading owners in the league, what do you think the league can do to make sure this does not happen again. You know, that's a good question and, first of all, we have one more game left so I love the refs. Smart man. I go back to 1976, Ben drythe, sugar bear Hamilton, same kind of situation, the raiders go to the super bowl, we go home. In life I learned things happen, nothing is perfect. No excuses, you make it happen. You do your best. We have human errors sometimes, but we have to move on and it's unfortunate and we have to be diligent about trying to get it corrected. Yeah, the referees are not perfect and the game is not perfect. No, but they actually do a great job. I'll tell you in our game in K.C., there were a number of controversial calls that they had to get right and they got them all right. And the crowd is -- they have a tough job. Something else that happened in K.C. At the afc championship game, there was a laser pointed at Tom Brady and it's not the first time this happened. So, what can be done to stop this because it's potentially dangerous? Well, it doesn't happen when you come to Foxborough, so -- but I'll tell you I just hear the word laser and I think of Tommy and his eyes and in that last drive we had three third down and tens and he was -- he was laser focused and so whatever it was, I think it was a positive influence, but I think part of the security check has to be sure those kinds of things don't happen. Yeah, and, you know, this week marks the 25th anniversary of you purchasing and buying the patriots. Here's what you said that day. My objective in doing this is to help bring a championship to new England. And you've done that, five super bowls, ten appearances. It's remarkable, the most successful owner in the NFL history. What have you done? How do you think you built this winning culture and have been able to sustain it for so long? Well, you know, in anything in life the key is getting good people around you and creating a culture where everyone is open to disagree but keep it in the family which is hard sometimes, especially in the business that's so public, and once you have good people, the trick is to try to have conte thought and I'm happy, you know, please god one more season Tommy and bill Belichick who are the best at what they do in my opinion will be with us for 20 years, two decades. In a business where parity -- we all spend the same amount of money, when you do well, you draft lower, play a harder schedule, you know and then you need some luck. Well, I don't think it's all luck. It is a lot of skill involved because Belichick, Brady. You drafted Brady, 199th pick in 2000 and I remember looking at the pictures of him and -- at the NFL combine. If you looked at him, you're like, oh, this guy is not going to do what he's done in the league. It was not the most flattering look of Tom Brady but with those two together, tell us about something because in the super bowl you hear everything about these guys. Been in the ninth super bowl. You think you know everything about Tom Brady. Give us one thing that is not widely known about him. Well, the thing that's most impressive to me, he is still the same guy that he was when he came out of Michigan and I met him, that skinny beanpole coming down the steps with that great physique that you speak about. And he is the nicest person, genuine, he's the same person today as he was when he was fourth on the depth chart back there in 2000 and he's just -- I mean, he -- when my wife, blessed memory, passed away almost eight years ago, he was there for me in a way only my sons were and the guys in the locker room were. But he -- and he cares and he connects and I think he's able to do that in the huddle even with guys half his age and they see how hard he works and what he does and how genuine he is and how he's selfless and puts team first and I think that really spreads. As a friend of his, I definitely second all those things you're saying and to every patriots fan I'm sure for you hope he never retire. I'm in that camp and, listen, I brought you and robin and George some Kraft family eggs, they're generic, they're safe to eat and then also I know you're lacking some championship gear, I thought you might -- Okay. Mr. Kraft, thank you so much. Great to be with you.

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{"duration":"7:51","description":"Robert Kraft speaks out in an exclusive interview on \"GMA\" about Tom Brady and the Patriots' return to the Super Bowl, controversies surrounding the NFL and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60563555","title":"Patriots' owner on Brady, Super Bowl","url":"/GMA/News/video/patriots-owner-brady-super-bowl-60563555"}