Police officers unleash a barrage of bullets on suspect

An investigation is underway in the deadly police shooting of a man who was shot 154 times.
2:24 | 09/15/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Police officers unleash a barrage of bullets on suspect
on that one. We're going to start here this half hour with the wild shootout caught on camera. You can see it right here. Police releasing the video showing officers unleashing a barrage of bullets on a suspect who was on the run at the time, and ABC's Trevor Ault has more from our Washington bureau. Trevor, good morning to you. Reporter: Dan, good morning. This video gives us that first person view you saw there of a massive shootout. Baltimore police say this is the best depiction of what happened as their officers converged on this lone suspect and well over 100 rounds were fired. This morning, shocking police body camera footage just released in Baltimore capturing a firefight so intense, it drowns out the sounds of the sirens. More than a dozen officers unleashing this hail of bullets towards a suspect on the run. That nonstop gunfire lasting more than 30 seconds with at least 154 rounds fired and the suspect killed. Police identifying him as 30-year-old Tyrone banks who they say assaulted multiple officers earlier that week in separate instances. This fatal incident beginning outside a convenience store last month. Watch out. He's got a gun, gun, gun. Gun, gun, gun. Reporter: Escalating into a pursuit through a residential area. There he is. There he is. Okay. Reporter: Infrared aerial images from the police chopper showing the last moments of the chase. He hit a tree. Reporter: And appearing to show banks pointing his weapon toward the officer but investigators still can't say whether banks ever fired and with an officer and a bystander both getting hit in that barrage of bullets, a comprehensive investigation is under way. We have to be accountable for where every one of our rounds ends up. When you're in a firefight you're just trying to survive but you're going with whatever training you have and basically that training will tell you to take cover but still keep the perpetrator in your view. Reporter: The 13 officers who fired their weapons placed on routine administrative leave. I have to stand by decisis that were made and then we can assess them and take corrective action if necessary. Reporter: So Baltimore's police commissioner says based on what a relative of banks told them it's possible this was a case of suicide by cop but there's still a lot more investigating to be done here, particularly with all the ballistics of those 154 shots fired. Whit. An incredible video there as well. Trevor Ault for us in Washington, thanks so much.

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{"duration":"2:24","description":"An investigation is underway in the deadly police shooting of a man who was shot 154 times.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"65622826","title":"Police officers unleash a barrage of bullets on suspect","url":"/GMA/News/video/police-officers-unleash-barrage-bullets-suspect-65622826"}