Record number of Americans vote early

Hours-long lines at early voting sites across the country, and NYC’s Madison Square Garden is being used as an early voting site with thousands waiting in line before voting opened.
3:35 | 10/25/20

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Transcript for Record number of Americans vote early
The record number of Americans taking advantage of early voting across the country. Millions of people mailing in their ballots and finding hours long waits at the polls. ABC's Stephanie Ramos has more. Stephanie, I heard people here in New York waited four hours to vote yesterday. Reporter: They did, Eva. Here at Madison square garden workers told us about 1,000 people were lined up ready to vote before the doors even opened. That was yesterday morning. A truly historic sight here across New York City. States across the country saw a record number of people from different backgrounds of all ages out with a plan to vote. This morning a historic moment for the 2020 election. At one of New York City's premier venues, long lines snaking around the Barclays center in Brooklyn. While marching bands drum up excitement. This is the first time early voting has been allowed in new York in a presidential election. Many voters waiting hours outside arenas, museums and precincts determined to make their voices heard. Before you came out here, were you determined to stay in line for however long it took? Yes. In order to get your vote in. Absolutely. Days if it had to be. Why is this election so important for you? It's the most important election of our lifetime. We have to save the country. Reporter: This wave of enthusiasm sweeping across the city. I've been waiting four hours. I'm voting for trump. I believe he's trying to change some of the system. Reporter: In states reporting data, an unprecedented 57 million ballots have been cast. That's more than 40% of the total votes counted in the 2016 general election. ABC news correspondents fanning out across the country to talk to voters. I'm zohreen shah here in California. We're here in Los Angeles where voting is taking place this weekend. We're here at the staple center. I have family members that never cared about politics in their entire lives. They are voting. For all of the 225,000 people who cannot vote today because of covid, before the breonna taylors and the George floyds of the world, I feel like it's important I do it and I do it early. I'm in Marietta, Georgia the line of voters wrapped around this voting pre sintd, more than 2.6 million Georgians have already voted. I feel like we have the tools in place to prevent covid. We don't have the tools in place to prevent voter fraud. I do care about things. We're in Fairfax county, Virginia at one of the busiest of 14 early voting satellite locations. They tell me the average wait here has been about two and a half hours. With the pandemic we have no idea if would get sick and be able to vote on November 3rd. Incredible turnout. I've never seen this before in my life. Reporter: Six states -- Florida, Georgia, north Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia have had more than 1 million votes cast in person. People are energized. They are fired up. They want a say in their government. They want a government that is reflective of the people it seeks to serve. Reporter: There is still time to vote. There are nine days to go before election day. Here at New York City the NYPD said at least one police officer will be positioned at each of the city's 88 early polling sites. Back over to you guys. Those early turnout numbers incredible. Thank you, Stephanie. We appreciate it.

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{"duration":"3:35","description":"Hours-long lines at early voting sites across the country, and NYC’s Madison Square Garden is being used as an early voting site with thousands waiting in line before voting opened.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"73817502","title":"Record number of Americans vote early","url":"/GMA/News/video/record-number-americans-vote-early-73817502"}