Recovery effort begins after devastating storms

Severe weather brought 33 reported tornadoes to states including Kansas and Missouri, where storms flipped campers and mangled a grandstand at a local speedway.
3:20 | 05/22/19

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Transcript for Recovery effort begins after devastating storms
We begin with severe storms and show you right here how bad the flash flooding was in Oklahoma. Homes and car, you see them right there underwater. More twisters hitting the heartland. Rob Marciano is in el Reno, Oklahoma, starting us off with the latest. Good morning, rob. Reporter: Good morning, robin. As we feared yesterday there were more damaging storms with torrential rains causing this, flooding. You can see that grain facility behind me is engulfed in water. Take a look from our drone. This is not a lake, a field. One of many that have completely flooded out. This is what 8 inches of rain looks like. Lakes and rivers where they shouldn't be coupled with tornadoes and sending folks scrambling. This morning residents in the plains states surveying the damage after being pounded by severe weather. Torrential rains submerging car, forcing rescues. In el Reno, Oklahoma, rescuers searching for the stranded. Five feet of fast-moving water in spots. This family trapped in the flooding. Rescuers eventually reaching them and carrying them to safety. When are they going to get here? You hear the choppers. You're like, come on. Reporter: Parts of major interstate 40 underwater, railroad tracks washed away. If you're seeing this, don't do this. Turn around. Don't drown. Reporter: Flooding taking over this part of Oklahoma and this man pinned under a tree after it crashed into his home. Can you move your arm. Reporter: Crews trying to race him and tearing through this speedway. The grandstand a pile of twisted metal. Overnight officials in Oklahoma saying one person died after getting trapped in high water and 11 people have been reported injured. 33 reported tornadoes since yesterday afternoon. Mainly Kansas and Missouri. This woman in her car trying to get to shelter when one tornado swept through and leveled the trailer right in front of her. I've been through a lot of tornadoes. I never been in one so close. Beautiful sunrise coming here. Some high level stratus framing what should be some beautiful colors, but we do expect more storms today in Oklahoma, in Kansas and Missouri with the likelihood of seeing more tornadoes and more in the way of torrential rains, something, obviously, Michael, they don't need which is more water. I'm sure they don't need and don't want as well, rob. Now we go to ginger back from the storm zone and, ginger, everyone wants to know where is the system heading next? I'm back because I could storm chase here. Yes, I'm talking about New York City to Philadelphia tomorrow which I'll show you the threat in just a bit but let me begin with what's happening. We got that obvious swirl and the storms with flood warnings still in place, remember, a lot of these rivers and creeks reached record level, even in parts of, say, Tulsa. Now from there through Arkansas we'll see more flooding as the water goes downstream. Move over here, what rob was just looking for was and talking about was the damaging wind possible today from Tulsa up into Missouri, Joplin included but it is tomorrow afternoon and evening right here through most of Pennsylvania, Harrisburg, Scranton, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and New York, we've got a shot at severe weather. George. Okay, ginger, welcome back.

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{"duration":"3:20","description":"Severe weather brought 33 reported tornadoes to states including Kansas and Missouri, where storms flipped campers and mangled a grandstand at a local speedway.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63195686","title":"Recovery effort begins after devastating storms","url":"/GMA/News/video/recovery-effort-begins-devastating-storms-63195686"}