Ronan Farrow reacts to NY AG resignation

Farrow, who broke the story on Eric Schneiderman in The New Yorker, and ABC News' chief legal analyst Dan Abrams weigh in on Schneiderman's fast resignation and what's next.
4:52 | 05/08/18

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Transcript for Ronan Farrow reacts to NY AG resignation
We'll bring in one of the "New Yorker" writers who broke the story and, Ronan, let me begin with you. This exploded so quickly after you posted the article. He is resigning as attorney general. Have you heard from the accusers since this article was posted? I think that there's a complicated wave of emotions whenever a woman or man steps forward with this serious an allegation. They're going through all those right now but several have reached out to say they find it gratifying these stories are being heard because, George, they hesitationed for a long time partly because of Schneiderman's power and influence within the democratic party. That's what I wanted to get into. Schneiderman, very publicly, talking about Harvey Weinstein, talking about these allegations against other men, yet the women who are accusing him now held back. Do you fully understand why? Variety of reasons, look, any time you speak publicly about this kind of trauma and violence especially in an intimate context which some of this was is painful and marks you. This was a brave thing these women had to do. It was difficult for them but also in this case doubly so because he is a power player within their world all closely connected to the democratic party in voirous ways and say he used his office and his power to intimidate and threaten them saying that he could wiretap people. He could intimidate people in various ways. Let's get into that with Dan Abrams. We do know the resignation is taking effect at the end of the day but the Manhattan's D.A. Office is now investigating. What kind of trouble could he face? He could face criminal trouble. There are three possible crimes here, right, based on the reporting that Ronan and Jane mayor did. You have the possibility of an assault based on the slapping. You've got the choking is a possibility as a separate crime and the threats. Also, a possible harassment crime so you've got -- All within the statute of limitation. For a misdemeanor, it would be within two years. For a felony it would be within five years. Most people believe based on the facts as laid out here, this would likely be a high-level misdemeanor which would mean it would have to be done within two years but most of the allegations that Ronan lays out occurred within the two-year time frame but it means they'd have to move quickly. These threats to use his office in order to protect himself and threaten them. That's another possible crime. Again, you're going to have to prove it, right? The interesting thing to me is that part of his defense is seemingly to admit that he did this stu, right? The first thing he says publicly is it was role-playing. Well, by saying it was role-playing you are in fact conceding I did what they are saying but it was consensual. So he's now kind of boxed himself in, I think, as a legal matter where he can't say -- he could but I don't think he will say none of this ever happened. He will say it occurred within the context of some sort of, you know, consensual role-play which is clear from the article, the women dispute. Ronan, one of the things you get into in the article is not only did the women hold back from accusing him publicly but stayed in the relationships for a whole time and you get into the psychology of the abuse. Some were in a relationship with him at the time. But I want to point out to what Dan said. These women one after another were adamant. This is not "Fifty shades of grey." This was not in an area of grey at all in their mind. This was assault over and over again and happened when they were fully clothed, not in the context where they gave any con accident and in one wasn't in a relationship at all. A prominent attorney said clearly he just came on to her at an event and when she rebuffed him, he began calling her some really horrific epithets and slapped her across the face. More than one time to the point where it left a mark and looked at that picture and I'll tell you it was upsetting to see. One of the great ironies is Schneiderman was ordered to review how the Manhattan D.A. Had handled the Harvey Weinstein investigation. And now it's flipped. Which the Manhattan D.A. Is now investigating the attorney general for this behavior. I mean, this is -- it's a stunning -- this -- you have to understand if you live in new York and you live in the sort of political world in New York, this did a stunning allegation and a stunning fall from grace. And one of the things we're seeing is we've seen tweets from Donald Trump Jr. And kellyanne Conway taking, you know, this on, of course, Schneiderman also a big antagonist of president trump. A huge one. On particularly the amazing thing on the issue of the way people treat women. Incredible. Dan Abrams and Ronan farrow, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"4:52","description":"Farrow, who broke the story on Eric Schneiderman in The New Yorker, and ABC News' chief legal analyst Dan Abrams weigh in on Schneiderman's fast resignation and what's next.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55008510","title":"Ronan Farrow reacts to NY AG resignation","url":"/GMA/News/video/ronan-farrow-reacts-ny-ag-resignation-55008510"}