SEC commissioner on outlook for college football

Greg Sankey, head of the Southeastern Conference which is one of the Power-Five, talks to "GMA" about the potential for a 2020 fall college football season amid the pandemic.
3:28 | 08/11/20

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Transcript for SEC commissioner on outlook for college football
Joining us is the commissioner of that power five conference, Gregory Mcmichael. Greg sankey. Yours considered to be one of the most powerful but every single team in your conference plays in a state that is currently on or the past two weeks has been on the federal government's red zone list. Young, strapping athletes but also 18, 19, 20-year-old kids with concerned parents so why is playing college football even worth the risk of one of those kids getting sick? You have to remember that our student athletes are really in their own bubble on our campuses. We have athletics programs with embedded health care professionals. We as a conference in each of our universities have taken the virus seriously from the beginning and the comparative is should we simply let people out in society where we don't know whether they have covid or not? We've been involved in testing and care and been involved in following local health policies continuously and I think has provided a healthy environment. You say it's a bubble and some make the argument they would be better off with their own teams and you put out a tweet saying I'm asking for patience trying to figure this out. Can they play? We haven't stopped trying. You said patience. What would you say now is the time line? When do you have to make a decision? We've been very deliberate in our decision-making and not put young people in the helmets and pads for practice. We've been thoughtful about what this entire summer may look like and moved the start of our season back to September 26th, three weeks after the last of our campuses return because we'll be continually monitoring what happens in our communities and states and our time line is really based on the vision of a biostatistician way back in April said to me, listen this, is a new virus. We have not been through this before. So the longer you take to make decisions, the better information you'll have available to make those decisions and that's been wise counsel and counsel we've heeded every step along the way. Commissioner, by one count at least 800 college football players have tested positive for the virus but according to our sister network, ESPN, five athletes at least college football players have come up with this heart condition, a rare heart condition linked to covid-19. Myocarditis. It's come up with commissioners and is that factoring into your decision-making now that this rare condition has been found in some athletes? We rely continuously on the medical advisory task force as do our colleague conferences and certainly that is a topic of conversation as is every aspect of the virus and we want to provide the right care and support and the right information so that we can make decisions and learning about that condition as it relates to covid but as it relates to other health implications well before covid existed is part of the learning process for all of us. I know kid, those players want to get out there. Everybody is on pins and needles. People love their college football so watching closely. I know you have a tough decision ahead. Commissioner sankey, we appreciate you and your time this morning.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"Greg Sankey, head of the Southeastern Conference which is one of the Power-Five, talks to \"GMA\" about the potential for a 2020 fall college football season amid the pandemic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"72301825","title":"SEC commissioner on outlook for college football","url":"/GMA/News/video/sec-commissioner-outlook-college-football-72301825"}