Senate's brutal debate over COVID relief bill

Democrats finally reached a deal on jobless benefits, swaying the party's lone holdout and appeasing party moderates.
3:24 | 03/06/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Senate's brutal debate over COVID relief bill
We begin with the showdown in the senate as the covid relief bill inches its way forward. Yes, overnight Democrats finally reaching a deal on jobless benefits. Swaying the party's lone hold-out and appeasing some party moderates after a 12-hour stalemate over how high the payments should be and how long they should last. President Biden is throwing his support behind the compromise, but the battle not over yet. ABC's white house correspondent Maryalice parks is on capitol hill with what's next. Good morning, Maryalice. Reporter: Yeah, good morning, will. We saw late night deal-breaking here behind closed doors. This bill is incredibly popular in polling, but Democrats still struggling to agree with each other. They're hoping to eek this out themselves because Republicans are still united that this bill is just too big. The U.S. Senate pulling an all-nighter. Making last-minute changes to president Biden's nearly $2 trillion relief plan. Overnight Democrats reaching a deal among themselves clearing the way for a final vote to come if they stick together. The last 24 hours full of fits and starts. West Virginia's Joe Manchin, a moderate, bringing activity on the senate floor for a standstill for nearly 12 hours Friday. Debating how to expand unemployment benefits put in place during this pandemic set to expire for millions of Americans in just eight days. House Democrats voted to up those payments to $400 a week. Manchin pushing a smaller proposal. Finally reaching a deal with his democratic colleagues to keep benefits at $300 a week, but guaranteed through the first week of September. With exactly 50 Democrats in the senate and no Republicans supporting his bill, president Biden had no room for error. Privately he worked the phones, publicly called for swift action. All those empty storefronts aren't just shattered dreams, they're warning lights. Reporter: Republican leader Mitch Mcconnell commenting on the holdup among Democrats. What this proves is there's benefits to bipartisan when you're dealing with an issue of this magnitude. Reporter: On that proposal to raise the federal minimum wage all Republicans voting no along with eight Democrats including Arizona's Kristen Sinema facing criticisms for this exaggerated thumb's down. Vermont senator Bernie Sanders promising to fight that fight another day. Both the house and senate bills calling for most Americans to receive direct $1,400 payments and extra funding on tax returns for parents. Tammy triple, a single mom in Maine with two adult children at home, worries it still will not be enough. If we get fuel this week and stay warm and not freeze to death or do you get food? We're supposed to be one of the best countries in the world and we have sunk so far, it's difficult to be proud when there's people hurting, when there's people without. Reporter: Now the drama here overnight reminding the white house with only 50 democratic votes in the senate every one of those senators can make or break a deal. Democrats want this bill on the president's desk before those unemployment benefits expire March 14th, but the senate bill will still have to be reconciled with a house bill. That house bill included direct checks for more people, whit. Something we'll be watching over the weekend. Maryalice parks on capitol hill, thank you so much.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"Democrats finally reached a deal on jobless benefits, swaying the party's lone holdout and appeasing party moderates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76294402","title":"Senate's brutal debate over COVID relief bill","url":"/GMA/News/video/senates-brutal-debate-covid-relief-bill-76294402"}