Senator Kamala Harris addresses 2020 rumors

The junior senator from California and closely watched Democratic star talks about the 2020 presidential campaign and her two new books.
4:28 | 01/08/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Senator Kamala Harris addresses 2020 rumors
Ask your eczema specialist about dupixent. We have an exclusive interview with senator kamala Harris taking a hard look at jumping into the race for president. Now this morning out with two new books "The truths we hold: An American journey" and "Superheroes are everywhere." We had vice president pence on the program. President trump speaking in prime time about the border issue and government shutdown. The vice president's basic point, Democrats are ignoring a crisis and says the president is considering declaring a national emergency to go around congress. Your response? It's just not true. It's just simply not true. There was a bipartisan effort out of the United States senate and the United States congress to pass funding of the government and the president is holding it up because of his vanity project which is this wall at taxpayers' expense and at the expense of hundreds of thousands of workers who are working every day without being paid. So it's just simply not true. It's an emergency of his own creation. If he declares it, is there anything you can do to stop him? You know, I think that there's no question that we will litigate and there will be litigation. These are moments in our country where the beauty of the dine of our democracy is being tested and if you think about our democracy and the Republicans being a tabletop, there are three independent coequal branches of government and free press. Those other branches of government and the courts and the press will put checks on this outrageous conduct of this administration. If he declares an emergency, I think that we will see again the checks and balances kick in in particular through the courts. No secret you're looking at a run for president. You haven't decided yet unless you want to announce right now. I'm not going to decide right now. Anyone who runs has to answer this, what can I bring to the white house that no one else can bring? I think we're at an inflection moment. Not only in the history of our country but our world. There is a lot that is in flux and changing. We have emerging and descending economies. The impact of technology and automation, climate change, populations are shifting. There is so much happening in our world right now and there are a lot of people who rightly feel displaced and are wondering where do they belong? Are they relevant? Are we thinking about them and I think it is clearly to me that what we need in this country is leadership that has a vision of the future in which everyone can see themselves and part of why I wrote the book is to also understand that in this moment there are a lot of people that are distrustful of their government and its institutions and leaders and in order to build relationships of trust, we must speak truth and must speak truth about issues that relate to the economic hardship that so many American families are experiencing. We must speak truth about issues that relate to civil rights and what we need to do around a real education system in this country that works for all children and all families, and I wrote the book also not only to speak those truths but to really explain where my perspective comes from, I was raised by a very strong mother who instilled in us great values that really have informed a lot of the work I do. The star of both of your book. She is. At the end of this book you say whenever you're faced with a hard decision you think what would mommy think? That's true and that's what we always called her, mommy. What would she think about all this. I think she would say what is going on down there? It is a hot mess. Kamala has to fix it. Well, yeah, I was raised that when you see a problem you don't complain about it. You go and do something about it. I was raised, you know, my Mo mother -- I would get so upset which got older. I would come home with a problem and others would say I'll take care of my. My mother would look at us and say, well, what did you do? So I think this is that moment. And I believe for all of us history will say and our children and our grandchildren will ask at that inflection moment, where were you? And what did you do in service of your family, your neighborhood, your community and your country? We will be waiting for your answer. The book is "The truths we hold," senator kamala Harris, thank you. "Superheroes are everywhere" is out now. ???

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"The junior senator from California and closely watched Democratic star talks about the 2020 presidential campaign and her two new books. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60227318","title":"Senator Kamala Harris addresses 2020 rumors","url":"/GMA/News/video/senator-kamala-harris-addresses-2020-rumors-60227318"}