Severe weather outbreak slams southern US

Tornadoes and damaging winds slammed the South this weekend leaving at least 12 people dead.
2:56 | 01/13/20

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Transcript for Severe weather outbreak slams southern US
Power has been knocked out to thousands of people, and at least 12 people have been killed. Our Kaylee Hartung is in Louisiana for us where there was an ef-2 tornado that cut a 40-mile path of destruction. Hello, Kaylee. Reporter: Good morning, T.J. That's right. This is what it looks like when an ef-2 tornado rips through your home. Jerry and Mary sue franks were killed when their home was torn from its foundation more than 200 feet from where I'm standing. Take a look at this wide shot. 135-mile-per-hour winds shredding this home to pieces, spreading a lifetime of memories across this vast area. This morning, residents waking up to more destruction after two tornadoes touched down in the middle of the night. Residents reeling from the devastaing tornadoes across the U.S. At least 12 people were killed during the severe weekend storms spanning from Texas to Ohio. This is a fence on top of a home. Reporter: In Ohio, two tornadoes, forceful winds uprooting this tree and ripping out the sidewalk underneath it. The strong winds sending this buildings app rooftop to the ground. Blocking the entranceway as firefighters work to clear the streets below, and in Alabama, a tornado tormenting Pickens county leaving three dead. In Louisiana, tornado damage toppling trees uprooting the destruction stretching R the ef-2 tornado eradicating homes, tossing this mobile home from its foundation killing an elderly couple inside. To wake up and see the news this morning it was really sad. Reporter: In South Carolina, tornado damage ripping this school's roof right off. Brick and cement debris litter the lawn. Smashing buses into each other. The top of these bleachers torn away. This community continues to, wo. The franks family spent the weekend digging through mud and debris trying to salvage what they could. A few precious family photos were found. Now as the sun comes up, that mission to clean up and heal continues, robin. Think of everybody impacted. Thank you. Quite a contrast on the east coast and northeast experiencing record warm temperature. Ginger is here with that. Good morning, ginger. It felt like March anding looed like March with those severe storms. Record warmth. Dozens of daily records that were broken, and an all-time January heat from Boston to Naples. We have never seen that type of heat in recorded history in a couple of these cities. So just noting that, you know this is more reminiscent of late February, early March. We have never had 466 severe storm reports in January on a day like we did yesterday at least going back to 2000 or probably ever. We'll verify that. That was over the weekend, more than 700 damaging wind, hail and tornado reports. Guys? That is some map. Ginger, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:56","description":"Tornadoes and damaging winds slammed the South this weekend leaving at least 12 people dead.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68242247","title":"Severe weather outbreak slams southern US","url":"/GMA/News/video/severe-weather-outbreak-slams-southern-us-68242247"}