Snow boarder buried alive and rescued in California avalanche

The survivor speaks out about what it was like to see 8-foot wall of snow heading straight for him.
2:35 | 03/04/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snow boarder buried alive and rescued in California avalanche
The rescue of a snowboarder buried alive at a California avalanche this morning it is man is lucky to be alive truly and he's speaking about what it was like to see an eight foot wall of snow heading straight for ABC's Sam Champion has more. This morning the man buried alive by this terrifying avalanche and a California ski resort speaks out. A it's C Kurtz. Evan hoc one of the five people trapped under waist deep snow Friday at the squaw valley ski resort near lake. Dessert somewhat yeah Allen's look back. It's all about it but all of sparrow. Easter eggs you're a woman screamed for her husband's. And that's planned obviously your heart starts racing causes. They got around. Covered in excruciating six minutes over 100 rescuers miraculously bringing the snow boarder there without injury. And just one day later a second avalanche all have heard the right partially buried eight people at Mammoth Mountain closing the resort until Sunday with no injuries reported. But one dollar buried up to its chest area. And it out completely for the outlet W the snow was very key. Rescue crews searching over six hours to free everyone. Still a scary reminder about the dangers of mountain sports. Now most avalanches happen after a big hit a fresh powder bay get a fresh now. And that's what we saw in meciar as we got about five feet of snow in just a couple of days they are so still lot of avalanche condition I'll tell you the one thing I remember. The equipment by if it's a beacon and you're going skiing there's they have beacons that they can find you an avalanche do that. But when you find yourself falling because you've been hit by snow and you'll always be surprised. Try to bring your hands up to your face because when you're buried in snow that allows you to beat the snow away from your face to create a little air pocket. And then eventually start to give way so that you can dig yourself out of the snow if you're lucky. But tried it's all with your hands like this. Is a big survival tactic let's look at the next system we've got all of this red showing here so we've got fire alerts and I'm really concerned about the amount of whether we have to cover here so look at this from New Mexico into Texas all the way up into Nebraska. Watch the slow to deliver that snow move into the middle of the country that is snow for the northern parts of the midwest and heavy rain for the parts that are already flooding the Mississippi River valley the Ohio River valley. More rain in you don't really need it. That low delivers this no heaviest snow between Minneapolis and Duluth then will call it a nor'easter as it exits the East Coast on Wednesday.

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{"duration":"2:35","description":"The survivor speaks out about what it was like to see 8-foot wall of snow heading straight for him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"53499315","title":"Snow boarder buried alive and rescued in California avalanche","url":"/GMA/News/video/snow-boarder-buried-alive-rescued-california-avalanche-53499315"}