Snow, heavy rain, winds slam Midwest to East Coast

Millions of Americans endured wicked weather on Halloween, including residents of Milwaukee who saw their snowiest Halloween ever.
2:50 | 11/01/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Snow, heavy rain, winds slam Midwest to East Coast
Snow blanketing parts of the For millions in the east wind is the real danger. Look at this home. The roof completely ripped off overnight and we'll go to rob Marciano tracking all the latest. Good morning, rob. Good morning, Michael. It was a rough Halloween for so many people and unfortunately look at this damage as we're getting this out of Delaware county, Pennsylvania, outside Philadelphia. This home destroyed. Such dangerous weather across that area. New York City, here in queen, a lot of damage from trees there. We did have one 9-year-old girl hurt by a tree limb that fell on her and now governor Cuomo is heading to the storm zone upstate but hit much of the a huge swath of high impact weather. Millions of Americans slammed with wicked weather this Halloween. Intense storms moving from the midwest through the east coast. Accumulating snow, flooding rains and damaging winds slamming 45 million Americans. Whipping rains lashing west Virginia, winds gusting there over 60 miles per hour. This is scary. Reporter: Branches snapping littering the streets bringing down power lines and blocking roads up and down the east coast. Power knocked out to over 600,000. Heavy rain in Missouri leaving this park buried underwater. Roads flooded in Pennsylvania. Cars stuck blocking intersections, stalled in the high waters. Intense winds completely uprooting trees, crushing cars in Allentown. Those vicious winds pushing trick-or-treaters around the streets outside Syracuse. In New York City, the roof ripped off this store. In Brooklyn a whole neighborhood losing power. This massive tree toppling onto a house crushing the cars on the street. Milwaukee seeing their snowiest Halloween ever. Some parts of Wisconsin blanketed by more than a half a foot of snow but the snow couldn't scare away these trick-or-treaters. Kids bundled up to collect their candy drudging through three inches of slushy snow in metro Chicago. The third coldest Halloween on record in Chicago. Serious cold air behind it. The wind alerts from north Carolina all the way up through new England. It's New York state getting the highest impact with these winds. That low center is adjust across the Lakes there. The topography, the western part of it is pretty flat. We have the Lakes and winds get cranking across there. High wind warnings posted for parts of western New York, Buffalo up through Rochester, winds could be 50, 60, 65 miles per hour. Big waves there, will cross Utica. These will rip across parts of the adirondacks with advisories that stretch down to New York City as well. Not just the wind, the cold air and with the wind certainly we have windchill, 18 degrees in Chicago but feels like 26 degrees in Atlanta. Very much winter-like. Cecilia, back over to you.

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"Millions of Americans endured wicked weather on Halloween, including residents of Milwaukee who saw their snowiest Halloween ever.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"66684081","title":"Snow, heavy rain, winds slam Midwest to East Coast","url":"/GMA/News/video/snow-heavy-rain-winds-slam-midwest-east-coast-66684081"}