What's at stake in Biden-Putin summit

The highly-anticipated meeting between the two world leaders is expected to last four to five hours and will be split into two sessions.
2:49 | 06/16/21

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Transcript for What's at stake in Biden-Putin summit
More on what's at stake. As president pardoned meets with finding her food and let's go to our chief White House correspondent Sicilian Vega who was also there in Geneva Forrest good morning Sicilian. Hi Robin good morning to that meeting is under way just up the road from me they just wrapped up were told their very first meeting and they'll be in that room for most of the afternoon the next and we do see them. Isn't expected to be when the two leaders come out for their individual press conferences president Biden right over here over my shoulder now the last time these two men saw each other. Was a decade ago when president Biden. Looked at Vladimir Putin's. And told him he had no soul. The high stakes meeting with Russia's Vladimir Putin underway right now. The two leaders shaking hands before getting down to business thanks it's time. It's always been him. It's all taking place right here in this Swiss Villa on the hill we brought here today to seize this site because the Russian media were allowed to come here into this first. He's very much to attack happening right now the face to face is expected to last fortified hours and will be split into two sessions the first just president Biden Putin's secretary of state anti Lincoln and his Russian counterpart senior aides later joining in the leaders never expected to be alone unlike former president trump who met with who and twice with only translators present the details of those conversations never made public. And this morning both sides here agree US Russia relations are at an all time low the president telling me he's got one goal. We should decide where it's on our mutual interest. In the interest of the world to cooperate. Can see if we can do that. And areas where we don't agree. Making clear with the red lines are. On the agenda today. Pressing issues like Putin's election meddling human rights abuses and Russian base cyber attacks that have disrupted critical American supply chains. And the fate of those two former Marines held captive by the Kremlin one of them Trevor Reid pleading with president Biden to press prudent for his release reads family releasing a new audio message overnight that he recorded in prison. Michael I couldn't serve my country and appreciate that macro picture what it felt so good at home that's typical took sort church respect back then let. Aren't gonna get a sense of the chaos that's been happening out here this morning I'm with the American Media on the site not too far away for me is the Russian delegation you saw that scene with the two leaders there in the room this was compact. Chaos not all of the American Media that was supposed to beat. Allowed it actually made it into the room there was pushing there was screaming there was a lot of shoving were being told by American journalists that Russian security forces were pulling. On their clothes so a lot of chaos on Matt says now we also know president Biden of course has been prepping for this meeting for weeks he tells me that he was ready. Even the White House bringing in a Russia expert from the trump administration to brief him ahead of the summit here today.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"The highly-anticipated meeting between the two world leaders is expected to last four to five hours and will be split into two sessions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"78309693","title":"What's at stake in Biden-Putin summit","url":"/GMA/News/video/stake-biden-putin-summit-78309693"}