Starbucks manager departs after fallout from arrests

The manager who called police to the Philadelphia Starbucks where two black men were arrested is no longer working there, the company said.
1:54 | 04/17/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Starbucks manager departs after fallout from arrests
Now to that fallout growing from the arrest of two black men at that Starbucks in Philadelphia was caught on cameras you know angry protesters. Briefly shutting down the store on Monday and now the company says that store manager who call police. Is no longer working there ABC's Lindsey Davis is on the scene and has more from morning Lindsey. Hey good morning to you Robin this location is back open for business this morning but that manager who call the police on the two black men. Who were sitting inside of the restaurant will she is out of a job this morning but that has not stopped the protest several groups have come into this Starbucks location. Took large city in stand up speak out you name it in the wake of the viral video of the two black men escorted out of the Starbucks in handcuffs. Police say the men were sitting at a table but had not made a purchase when they were asked to leave they refused. That's when the manager called 911 reporting the incident as trespassing. Witnesses say they were simply waiting for a friend. The police commissioner says his officers did nothing wrong for the police department is currently reviewing these incidents the mayor of Philadelphia fed. Not hot Starbucks issue he says this is a societal issue and it went on to say there is work that we have to do. And Robin as you know when you spoke directly with the CEO of Starbucks he said that he desired to sit down face to face with the men. To apologize we've heard from a Starbucks spokesperson they say that they are hopeful that that meeting will happen sometime this week. Any said he wanted to work with those two gentlemen also in finding a solution much as people are saying this is not just a Starbucks issue it's a societal issue but. We're hearing that this perhaps is not the first incident at that particular star Fox News. We've heard from the mayor's office they say that they've received additional reports about similar incidents. At this exact location Robin they say they're looking in to us our Atlanta thank you very much.

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{"id":54522522,"title":"Starbucks manager departs after fallout from arrests","duration":"1:54","description":"The manager who called police to the Philadelphia Starbucks where two black men were arrested is no longer working there, the company said.","url":"/GMA/News/video/starbucks-manager-departs-fallout-arrests-54522522","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}