Startling statistics show some communities hit especially hard by COVID

In Prince George County, Maryland, black and Latino Americans are disproporately affected by coronavirus.
2:47 | 05/23/20

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Transcript for Startling statistics show some communities hit especially hard by COVID
We start this half hour with a nation divided over covid-19. Startling statistics show how some communities are being hit especially hard. ABC's Rachel Scott joins us from Washington this morning with a firsthand look. Good morning, Rachel. Reporter: Eva, good morning. Our latest ABC news ipsos poll shows blacks and Latinos are three times as likely to personally know someone who died from the virus and in Maryland as the governor relaxes restrictions officials in the hardest hit counties say they are still in the thick of the fight. This morning as Maryland eases restrictions, the state's hot spot is not yet ready to re-open. Still fighting to contain the virus. Much of Maryland has re-opened but the coronavirus is still gripping prince George's county and emts responding to a positive covid-19 call. Reporter: Prince George's county has the highest number of confirmed covid-19 cases in the state. At this point, we don't rule it out. Everyone would be potentially Reporter: First responders working tirelessly to save lives. Fire chief Tiffany green says the county is seeing an increase in cardiac arrest calls. Once we get them into our unit the anxiety then of having to leave them at the hospital with their loved ones not being there or whether or not, you know, they're going to live or die. Reporter: This majority black community death cuts across class. Prince George's county is the wealthiest majority African-American county in the country. But we still have those underlying conditions because of disparities in health care delivery, because of the great disparities in healthy food options. Reporter: Across the state families unable to say good-bye. Julius Weems grappling with the sudden loss of his mother Annie. To see my dad not be able to hug her through this was the most devastating part. Reporter: In cities across the country the racial disparity in coronavirus cases and deaths is stark. Four weeks ago our latinx community accounted for only 14% of cases and 19% of deaths. Fast forward to today, and those levels have more than doubled. Reporter: Like so many, Marsha music has felt the brunt of covid head on. The Detroit writer says she tragically lost at least 30 friends and associates because of the virus. When, of course, you feel a great vulnerability, because of knowing that we are being so disproportionately affected because these are real human beings. Reporter: Even as states move towards re-opening our poll shows Americans are not confident that the country is out of the woods just yet. More than three in four Americans are concerned about getting covid-19. These disparities are really striking. We appreciate you shining a light on them. Let's switch gears and get

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{"duration":"2:47","description":"In Prince George County, Maryland, black and Latino Americans are disproporately affected by coronavirus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"70847277","title":"Startling statistics show some communities hit especially hard by COVID","url":"/GMA/News/video/startling-statistics-show-communities-hit-hard-covid-70847277"}