Thunderstorms and flash floods batter the South

Torrential rain caused major flooding from Mississippi to Alabama, turning roads into rapids and prompting multiple water rescues.
2:53 | 12/28/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Thunderstorms and flash floods batter the South
First we begin with the major winter storm wreaking havoc across the U.S. After slamming the middle of the country bringing its wrath to the east. Right now parts of the east coast getting hammered with torrential rain that could turn into ice and snow in colder parts of the northeast. At some point, 25 states were on alert for snow, wind, rain or flooding. This thing is a beast. Rob is standing by with your forecast but Victor Oquendo is in Atlanta where they're worried about flash flooding. Victor, good morning to you. Reporter: Here in Atlanta it rained through the night and there's still a lot more on the way leading to a very wet and downright dangerous commute. Several accidents in the area. Already this morning, this powerful storm moves through an already soaked southeast. High winds ripping down trees, drivers pulled from their inundated cars. All part of that powerful storm as it marches east. Torrential rain wreaking havoc in the south causing major flooding. In Mississippi, flash flooding overwhelming cars in hattiesburg. Multiple rescues from cars trapped in water along roadways and highways turned rapid rivers. Homes nearly submerged. In Birmingham, Alabama, crews rescuing people. Possible lightning strikes causing trees to split and fall into a home in laurel, Mississippi. Inside the sleeping homeowners say they barely escaped. Heavy rains and strong winds causing this transformer explosion in New Orleans. That's crazy. Reporter: White outconditions from the heartland to the Texas panhandle leaving cars slipping off roadway, skidding on highways and overturning like this truck in Nebraska. In Utah, one stretch of a freeway had 16 cars involved in crashes. And more of this wet weather is on the way. A flood watch remains in effect until tomorrow morning. Whit. All right, Victor, thanks so much. To rob now who is tracking the storm. Rob, good morning. Good morning. So many facets including the cold side. Look at this video we just got in from Minnesota, the Minnesota state troopers, a dashboard camera on I-94 when it was snowing and that red and white tractor trailer fled the scene. Still looking for him. Dangerous commute, no doubt about it. We have the rain, the snow, and advisories and blizzard warnings posted and a new one for Albuquerque, New Mexico. Severe storms across the south and it will continue to be heavy. All those water rescues across the deep south and northeast getting in as you saw behind me some of the rain and freezing precipitation across northern New York and northern new England so slick over the next few hours and changes to rain but some of it will be heavy and saturated ground so not going to be too difficult to flood and all in all a pretty miserable day on the east coast.

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{"id":60047699,"title":"Thunderstorms and flash floods batter the South","duration":"2:53","description":"Torrential rain caused major flooding from Mississippi to Alabama, turning roads into rapids and prompting multiple water rescues.","url":"/GMA/News/video/thunderstorms-flash-floods-batter-south-60047699","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}