Tim Cook, Dan Reynolds and Ryan Smith team up to support LGBTQ youth

The Apple CEO, Imagine Dragons frontman and Utah Jazz owner are joining forces to support Encircle, which provides a safe home for LGBTQ+ youth.
5:07 | 02/25/21

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Transcript for Tim Cook, Dan Reynolds and Ryan Smith team up to support LGBTQ youth
We are back now with three powerhouses who are teaming up for a special announcement giving a lifeline to millions of lgbtq plus youth. Apple CEO Tim cook, imagine dragons front man Dan Reynolds and Utah jazz owner Ryan Smith as a new Gallup poll shows 5.6% of adults identify as part of the community. You tweeted support for the equality ask providing anti-discrimination protections for lgbtq plus people. Tell us why you felt compelled to post that. I feel that everybody should be treated with dignity and respect in the workplace and housing and public accommodations. It expands the definition of civil rights act and I could not be more supportive of it. Apple's CEO Tim cook is once again taking a stand for lgbtq plus equality and this morning the tech giant is teaming up with newly minted Utah jazz owner Ryan Smith. Reporter: Imagine dragons' front man Dan Reynolds to make a powerful statement of inclusion. A tech CEO, an NBA team owner and a rock star, all joining forces to support one incredible nonprofit, that's called encircle. So, Dan, please tell us about this organization. Encircle is an incredible organization that provides a safe home for lgbtq plus youth and is a place where youth can go after school to have therapy for themselves, for their family. Reporter: Encircle opened its doors in 2017 starting with one small blue house in the predominantly Mormon community of Provo, Utah. The church opposes same-sex marriage. Ryan, you and Dan were raised in the Mormon faith. What message does that send that encircle not only exists there but -- It embodies everything I believe in. It's love, it's home, it's unity. It's safety. And, you know, it's truly innovative. We have a special message want to hear directly from the encircle youth themselves on how it has influenced their lives. Hi, my name is Chris, I really love encircle because it's a place where everyone is welcome. I've been going to encircle for about four years now. It's basically my second home at this point. To me enirk isle means a sense of belonging and understanding. No side, only love is their motto and it's working. While four out of ten lgbtq youth across the country seriously consider suicide, none of the encircle families have had to endure that tragedy. The point that we want to hit home that every family needs to hear is that acceptance is not enough for our lgbtq youth. They need to be celebrated. Millions of lgbtq plus youth all across this great country, they're still growing up in places where they don't feel This is why I came out because I was getting notes from kids and kids that were contemplating suicide, kids that were being bullied and so I wanted to share a part of my life and being involved in this with Dan and Ryan sort of taking it to a new level is what it's all about. Together these leaders are paving the way for the expansion of encircle homes, announcing today a $4 million donation, a lifeline to reach more youth and their families. We have this motto that is working. The model is working. Dan is donating his childhood home. It's amazing, with apple products on the inside it's just -- it's time to go. Is this a full circle moment for you? It really S. You know, I have watched throughout my life the difficult path that lgbtq youth have especially coming from homes of faith. To now know with my mom and dad's blessing I was able to purchase the house from them and will be the first encircle home in Las Vegas and that's -- that's powerful for me. In 2014 you said we pave the sunlit path to justice together brick by brick. Is this announcement today laying another one of those brick. Each of these homes I have served about 10,000 kids per year and so eight new homes, 80,000 people per year, you do that for ten years or so you get close to a million people. This is definitely a brick. Once again, the motto, no sides, not taking sides, only love and really, boy, there was so much more that we talked about, so you can see my full interview with Tim, Dan and Ryan and I'll put it on my Facebook page a little bit later on Yeah. Ginger. Thank you, robin and I

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{"duration":"5:07","description":"The Apple CEO, Imagine Dragons frontman and Utah Jazz owner are joining forces to support Encircle, which provides a safe home for LGBTQ+ youth.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"76105908","title":"Tim Cook, Dan Reynolds and Ryan Smith team up to support LGBTQ youth ","url":"/GMA/News/video/tim-cook-dan-reynolds-ryan-smith-team-support-76105908"}