Torrential rain, flash floods slam Midwest

Nearly 40 reported tornadoes touched down across six states since Friday, putting millions in the path of destruction.
4:00 | 05/20/19

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Transcript for Torrential rain, flash floods slam Midwest
beginning with that severe weather threat. Millions of Americans waking up to another round of dangerous storms after a dozen tornadoes tore through the heartland leaving a path of destruction and ginger is standing by with the latest, first in the storm zone in Oklahoma. Good morning, rob. Good morning, George. This home ripped apart by one of over 40 tornados that came through here this weekend. The couple that lives here inside the home when the twister the woman in this room as these walls collapsed on her. A pile of bricks pinning her to the ground. She was calling out for her husband who was elsewhere in the home but as can see from our drone there's not much left with the exception of these interior room, the roof has been ripped this is the dining room. The living room, completely gone. An ef-2 with 130-mile-per-hour winds and today's weather setup looks even worse. A destructive weekend in the central U.S. This hotel in Little Rock, Arkansas, ripped apart, remnants from the build covering the parking lot. If you guys can see there is a car underneath all that debris. Reporter: Over 40 reported tornadoes barreling across six states since Friday. Getting closer. Reporter: These storm chasers trailing one twister. Roll your window up. Reporter: Coming within feet of a potential tragedy. Window's gone. Reporter: Instead able to capture these stunning images in men hola, Kansas. This morning millions across the plains bracing for another round of damaging weather. Take a look at this damage in Fort Smith, Arkansas, that crushed cars and left thousands without power. In Abilene, Texas, officials there signing a disaster declaration after some homing were barely left standing. This woman's home dismantled after one hit geronimo, Oklahoma. The roof went flying and they say some is out there in the field. It's somewhere in that eld. Yes. Reporter: Just as communities are beginning the cleanup, they must also brace for more potentially violent tornadoes. Officials warning residents across the plains to be prepared and stay alert when the next round hits. Are you worried about tomorrow. Yeah, I'm worried about there's going to be another one. I'm not going to be around here. Reporter: She and her husband are badly bruised and sore but staying at a hotel not too far from here. The problem is, this area is within the high risk zone of seeing large, violent, long track tornadoes today. Anxious types here to say the least. Robin. To say the very least. All right, rob. Thank you. To ginger now for the timing and track of these dangerous storms and, ginger, we know you tried to get to the storm zone. I was on a plane until 2:00 A.M. This morning and I will be on a plane later because that's how big this setup is, robin. You're seeing one of the tornadoes from the weekend behind me. It's just a precursor. As rob just said of what is to come, the first round has already started and severe thunderstorm watches from the panhandle of Texas. Come with me. This is what you need to see. We have a tornado outbreak that's going to happen today. It's going to happen this afternoon and evening and put one of our small -- one of the computer models that take short term and shows these individual cells, that's a problem. I've been storm chasing since I was in college. That's what you look for and I think that anywhere from southwestern Oklahoma back through Wichita falls, Texas, to Abilene, you have a significant tornado threat. They're long track, they're wide and end up being violent and unfortunately, robin, this comes on the anniversary of Moore, Oklahoma's 2013 tornado, the one that I was at and the one we saw so many people die. We certainly remember that, ginger. As you said you'll be heading to the storm zone later.

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{"duration":"4:00","description":"Nearly 40 reported tornadoes touched down across six states since Friday, putting millions in the path of destruction. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"63147445","title":"Torrential rain, flash floods slam Midwest","url":"/GMA/News/video/torrential-rain-flash-floods-slam-midwest-63147445"}