Trump defends the EPA chief as Republicans, Democrats call for Pruitt's resignation

Scott Pruitt faces mounting questions over the alleged millions of dollars he spent on travel and security.
4:32 | 04/07/18

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Transcript for Trump defends the EPA chief as Republicans, Democrats call for Pruitt's resignation
President trump showing support for his embattled EPA administrator Scott Pruitt even though his chief of staff John Kelly has reportedly. Attempted to oust him. Publicly the administration insisting Pruitt has done a good job despite mounting questions about his travel expenses his security detail and his connection to a top energy lobbyists. ABC's cat mode and is also in Washington Kenneth good morning. Good morning denim Paula we have new details about Scott crews Oval Office meeting Friday were present at trump. They be reporting the head of the EPA were reportedly making the case for why he shouldn't be fired ethics watchdogs may be paying close attention. To prove at a but it appears for now he's got the backing of the man in charge. And write new reports of an battle EPA administrator Scott Pruitt unprecedented spending Associated Press reported that it PA official who spoke anonymously for fear retaliation. As proof security cost the travel expenses plus page. Total nearly three billion dollars this news coming just hours upper Prueher met with president trump in the Oval Office the president thinks any senate good job. The purpose of carrying out the goals of the EPA. But the White House refuses to say your Pruitt of on the chopping block from tweeting their support for the EP chief. Who refit its totally under siege despite the president's tweet ABC news has confirmed that its own chief of staff John Kelly. Police per Richard barrel. The scrutiny magna acquired by this Fox News interview about top eight getting FP he recruits. Did you go around the president the White House and you pay raises to two staffers I did not. My staff did and I found that about that you stand changed it. But EPA officials telling ABC news that's not true it's April renew about the racist if supported them. 18 received a nearly 57000. Dollar increase Pruitt already under fire for that helping deal that allowed him to pay fifty dollars a night for this DC apartment. Is owned by a Washington lobbyists whose husband represents clients who fallen of the EPA's jurisdiction. It was like an air BB situation when I was not there. The landlord they had access to entirety the facility. Dirty joke about that living arrangements ABC news has learned the city says the landlord did not have a licensed ripped out the rooms. And Politico reports Pruitt overstayed its welcome. Landlords were so frustrated with their lingering Tenet that they eventually pushed Immelt and changed their locks. Now living arrangement is under scrutiny by the EPA's inspector general and members of congress. The EPA which is already looking to prove his travels a security costs were high because Pruitt the man responsible for rolling back a number of federal regulations. Received unprecedented threats than a Paula. Get thank you would bring in Matt Dowd our chief political analyst he's in Texas this morning Mac good morning so let's let's start with Pruitt he is been arguing that this. Whole thing is an effort by the left to smear him do you do you buy that. Well the left does is opposed to him in all of this because of what he's done on environmental regulations and rolling them back. But in this case he's actually started the political fire himself. As the lead in said he's got a problem on whether or not this room was rendered at any sort of rate market rate that was. It justified. To how who actually. Gave his staff. The salary increases at three all of this stuff related to his travel expense of travel and everything surrounding it so. If this is a smear it was actually started by the EPA administrator himself as we know you know. In the wizard revised witch hunt sometimes find which is. You certainly do an end their calls from Democrats and Republicans prepared stepped out. What I ask you up as possible trade war with China sent trump has said it is not a trade war do you view what he said so far is just bluster. Are dealing didn't really think that he's ready to go toe to toe with China have of these tariffs. Well I take the president at his word and I think he's already launched a serious that terrorists around the world especially on China. He's done this he's in now say he's gonna do it some more China's responded to this. The problem the president has and this is not only is it affecting the economy and the stock managed we've seen over the last ten days. But it's a political problem for the president this is a problem the head of China doesn't have to have China doesn't have made terms he has to worry about. President trump has mid terms he has to worry about and the way China is going about their care for spots in this. Is dramatically affecting those areas especially in the midwest. And the farm belt and that Donald Trump have to depend on for his political storm for his political upbringing in the course of the mid term. It's tricky tricky business. Matt that we were always appreciate your analysis on a Saturday morning thank you very slash.

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{"duration":"4:32","description":"Scott Pruitt faces mounting questions over the alleged millions of dollars he spent on travel and security.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54304311","title":"Trump defends the EPA chief as Republicans, Democrats call for Pruitt's resignation","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-defends-epa-chief-republicans-democrats-call-pruitts-54304311"}