Trump knew payments were wrong, Cohen says

President Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen sat down with ABC News for an exclusive interview just days after being sentenced to three years in federal prison.
7:38 | 12/14/18

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Transcript for Trump knew payments were wrong, Cohen says
to have Y here. Mon umental week in Poli. This thing came together very Y lateyesterda of course, a day after mic Cohen received his three-year pro sentence which he says was the worst dayf H life. Andn attacks from president P startedly yesterday morning and continued throughout theday. At some point Cohen who wt plng to speak out felt he he cat answer becau he's still cooperating withsecutors but he directly contradicts pren cs about those hush moneyments to porn star stormy Daniels and playmate Karen Mcdougal and as Yo see hs emotional, rseful and determid to tell what he says is theth aboutsident trum Michael, thank you foroing this. Emotiona inrt yesterday and I was struck B that line you had, Youd you felt you have your freedomba S. How does it feel today? I hy freedom ba you ow T be fo the court with my family in attendan, my mother, my fathmy wife, my children,y sister, my brother, Ni cousin, friends, it wasery Roh day. Then you wake up today and the president tweeting from veryarly in the Mo sel differ things, what strucke most is his claim thatyo agreed T this plea deal for this reason, sa, those charges were just agree to him in order to embarrass the president andet a much reduced pro sentence. I know which tweets you're talk about. First of all it's absolutely not ue. Ot do it to embar the president. Knows H. Know T truth. Many people knowhe truth. Under no circumstances D I want to embarrass the president of the United States mee truth is, I told the truth. I took responsibil for my actions and I him taking responsit his act does do? Ttacks my family and after sterday, again, being before thcond taking the responsibi and receiving a sentence ofmont, the only thing he Cano is to tweet about myfamily? H said in the tweets H repeated in an interview later ally he says claim, U're lying aboutim T protect your wife, torotect Yo father-in-law. Cu he kno T truth. I know the uth. Others know tthnd here the truth, peoe of the united STEs of ama, the people of the woron't believe what he is . I S te responsibility for his dirty deeds. You liedim F long time. Morenen years. Wh out O loyalty, O loyalty to him, I folwed a bad path and hence how we started this conversation. Ireedom and I will not tlain a told you ce I W note the villof his story. He's saying clearly that he never directed you T Doan wrong. Is that true? I don't Thi there's anybody that belve th first of all, nothing at thetrump orgaza everon LE run through Mr. Trum he directed mes I said in my elected me make the payments and become involved I mattersding the one wioucheaas between him and David pecker and vid er'scounsel. I reviewed the documes. Wasrying to hide what you were doing, correct? Corre. Ae knew it was wrong? .S doing th to help his election? Y have to remember at what point time this matter came bil bush comments, so, S, he was very once about how this would affect the tion. To help his campaign O help him and thempaign. Mentioned dirty in urallocution sterday. I knew what was wrong. Ok up before held yesterday and I accepted T responsibility for my actions. The actions that I gave to a man who as I said I was loyal to. I shod N be the only one taking responsibility F his actions. So he's still lying. Yes. Do you why youere loyal to him at the beginning? No. No. It was a blindya it was to a man I admired but I -- I do now the awero it. And I angry atmyselfy family is dtet have taught me - my moth father, right from wrong and I didn display gddgment. Youallliyalty. The prosecutors seem suggest -- Soun district prosecutors I should addeemo suggest it was your being driven by greed an ambition. No,hat's inaccurate but, agai I responsibility for myctions but I didn't make my ney working Donald Trump. Had made a substantial amount of money years before working for Donald Trump andbody who knows me knows that to be the uth. So what do you say to people know, there are a lot of people watching who are going thinking, but, wait a cod, he lied for so long. Why should we believe him now? Wt do you mean lied? Lied about what? At the tmp organization it's a microcosmf the Neal estate rket. It's New York real estate. Yes,t' greest product ever created. Is that a lie? Yes. So why sd we believeou now? Because the spe counsel stated emphatically that the information I gave to the amount of information that possess that corroborates theth I amling the truth. So you'reon with lying. I am done I am done being loyal to presidenump. And my first laltyel to my wife,y dauger, my son and thiscountry. Ou know, that's what he first said to me back in July. Wasn' camera and H still is cooperatingh precutors. A lot of ts he can't talk about B he clearly felt he had to come O after those attack from the president yesterday and say ING. Ean he I still cooperating with the special so a lot he can't say but he did say L a seems like he's doubl down H claims from before. I W to bring I Dan Abrams

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{"duration":"7:38","description":"President Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen sat down with ABC News for an exclusive interview just days after being sentenced to three years in federal prison.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"59817105","title":"Trump knew payments were wrong, Cohen says ","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-knew-payments-wrong-cohen-59817105"}