Trump makes new admission in Russia investigation

President Trump reversed course and said the purpose of Donald Trump Jr.'s 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians was to get information on Hillary Clinton.
4:43 | 08/06/18

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Transcript for Trump makes new admission in Russia investigation
96 to 100-degree heat dices. Efullyf in sight soon. We me todent trump and a dramatic news in russianinvestigioedent nowayg the purpose of hisson' Trumpower meetinth Russians to get information on clintoour senior white house correspondent Cecilia Vega is I wa with allhe fall good morningcecilieporter: Gd morning to you.xplanation on this have been shifting since day and now this admission from the what is Robert mller going too wit it? This morning, president trump is bracing for an epic showdown th robermu attorney, Jay sekulow, S ifcial counsenas the president, they will take all the way the supreme T. If you get aubpoena you filed a motion to quash and we're Ed to handle it in court. Eporter: I H T T fumingll weekend from aally in Ohio. Aemocratred . Teis working T hisminster golf course where he lashed out on Twitter. Fug his anger a "Washington poreport THA says the es increasingly worried about how P could hurthat calls innocent and decent people, namely, his son don Jun for hisartn that trump tower eating with Paul nafort, Jared kushpr writing, fake news reporting, comete faichat I am concerned about mngy wul son, Donald, had in trump to initially, don junior claed the et was about Russian adoptions. Did you tl father anything about this? No,t wasuch nothing, there was nothing to . Rorow his clearest aission yet on the true purseoet dirt on Hillary clto meeting, ts was eating to get information on oppone totally legal and done all the time in pics and it went I did not know about it. While the preside publicly maintains he did not know about the M in advources tell ABC news his personal law atime, Michael Cohen, says the psidentid know and before it hapne andas caught the attention of the special count who know what really happened closed doors. The president's lawyer kuw tellingrge TRE was thing ill out it. Ow Thate legal? The question is how would I be illegal? What law,tar rule or regulation has beenviolated Reporter: Well, Mueller's te hoi some. Among thes they are stigating, conspiry ded aiding and ting. Legal for campaigns to contribution stion ttller willbt be asking, is that what happengeorge, inside that trump tower meeting? A facts wn.t's talk about it with Dan Abrams D, Dan, let's beg erday's it is really quite markable. The present is admitting he the count before That's right and kenstarr back with the Clinton investigation deined that lyg to T public could be in D of itself gun for imhmyo fl the evolving ories. The ea THA a lawyer for the presidt united stat isoming forward andsaying, hey, you know, I had bad information, know, asf that happens all the time THA lawyeror T pride gets bad informn about crit- From T president. This doesn't happen. Yoave T evog statemes about was the president involved in wng the ial statement for Donald juniorohat was th of the meeting. Then you theeg of poaws here, number one, of course, ishe campaign finance violations, did solit mething of value?they're gng to have to look to intent, et ra, and another is a broader statute which Bert muellasng in connection with a number of the ruiave been indictedand that I broly a conspiracy to defra thenited states. And that justeans in ess conspiracy to try to help effect the election in aud way. Well, one denial the pres stick to,e didn't know anything about that trtower meet. H to sck to that part E heaye kw the meeting, that a certainly means D Ed in fro of congrsnd think that would almost certainlan that Donald Ju would G indicted and 'S got to be his one concern. We can talk about a Tse of campaign finance law andbly D of United States. The number oneoncern N has to B statement to congress fro don jiorhat Donald Trump didn't know about the meeting. Quickly another reason H ca won't meet with muler. Yeah, the Mueller meeting isn't going happen alkedbout this. I don'tnk they' try to subpoena him. Dan Abrams, thankermuch. Amy. To that suspected assain attempt on

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"President Trump reversed course and said the purpose of Donald Trump Jr.'s 2016 Trump Tower meeting with Russians was to get information on Hillary Clinton.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"57053231","title":"Trump makes new admission in Russia investigation","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-makes-admission-russia-investigation-57053231"}