Trump meets with Michigan officials amid controversy over certification of election results

President-elect Joe Biden is moving ahead with the transition, checking in with Democratic leaders in Congress.
6:46 | 11/21/20

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Transcript for Trump meets with Michigan officials amid controversy over certification of election results
President trump still disputing the election results of meeting with Republican lawmakers from Michigan. This as president elect Joseph Biden is moving ahead with the transition checking in with democratic leaders in congress. ABC's Rachel Scott is in Washington with the latest ritual good morning. Quick good morning ad's been two weeks since the race was called for Joseph Biden the president trump. Is not backing down still refusing to concede an election he lost the would just sixty days left in office. The president is running out of options and his last ditch efforts have done nothing to change the results of the election. Overnight yet another blow to president trumps failed attempts to overturn its one H one election. After Georgia's election workers tallied every vote buying he and Republican secretary of state certified Joseph Biden's victory. The numbers. That we are present today are correct. The numbers reflect the verdict of the people. The president is sold falsely insisting he won a second term we campaign. Which I won by the way but can it was a rare public appearance by president trump since Election Day and he left without taking any questions from reporters. His Press Secretary held her first briefing in fifty days. And gave no indication the president is any closer to vowing out. There's ongoing litigation there are what we know 74. Million Americans that voted for his president acts more votes than any president has gotten in history. But nearly six million more Americans voted for bide in the voted for president trump and sixteen of those post election lawsuits have been tossed salad or withdrawn. No widespread voter fraud found and some Republicans are starting to recognize Biden as the president elect I have not Hispanic and now at with the president elect I will say now is this time. Four at the trump campaign if they have and the air information. And that they need to present in court now is the time they needed to may be taking that evidence. Typical art in the last stand push the trump campaign even consider trying to pressure Republican state legislators. So override the will of the people. And choose electors who would declare trump the winner instead but after the president invited GOP leaders in Michigan to the White House. They released a statement saying. They have not yet been made aware of any information that would change the outcome of the election in Michigan as the president refuses to concede. Biden is moving forward with the transition process promising to tackle the raging pandemic meeting with the speaker of house Nancy Pelosi. My Oval Office. Hero and make us in new costs. Homeowners who are. President trump has been silent on the rise in corona virus cases overnight news that his eldest son Donald Trump junior. Who consistently downplayed the virus. Tested positive for Kolb at nineteen and is now in self isolation. Apparently I got the road out of an abundance of precaution all quarantine. I'll follow the regular protocols you don't take it seriously. Anna spoke first ever Donald Trump junior says that he is asymptomatic. The president's eldest son just the latest in the White House ordered to add tested positive for the virus. We also learned that Andrew Giuliani the son of the president's personal lawyer has tested positive. An opening scenes you Dan. Rachel Scott thank you so much let's dive in more deeply now means that meeting the president talent the white house with those. Top Michigan lawmakers a short time ago I spoke with the Michigan democratic congresswoman Debbie dingle. Represented dingle good morning thanks for joining us you'll you have said that the president. Is and I'm quoting here attacking the integrity of our elections but do we know what he actually said to the lawmakers in that meeting. Talk to lawmakers that Rick Perry that he did he say no I'm only be the same reports that. You are free so what are the next shoes to drop here this certification supposed to happen on Monday and is that close the chapter. Then you wait they certify. Electors shall have to be poignant and hopefully. Wednesday it doesn't insert Friday's hadn't gone for Joan I engaged. Then yeah democratic electors shall be bring it will vote in Joseph I didn't real happy. Electors the Electoral College true she. But is there any wiggle room in that period after the the vote is certified and then the electors are signs it is there any wiggle room for the legislature. To move whose chief members were in the White House yesterday to intervene in some way. So I think we have to be alert and a rare act. Hadn't been so every of those electors are greedy and very well. Don't worry that he curtains OR six is these are passes out. Students and your mind he is convinced that hear them but the good. Given that there are tens of millions of Americans who have questions about the free Nissen fairness of the election that we just witnessed. How confident are you that the election in Michigan was in fact free and fair. I'm here can't they just sections each year hitting numerous investigations. And people are released he would get all the issues either. Well we will see votes meek stay here you see there are currently bar. Burnt Bert off. Right Aaron good results. Aren't you gotta Berger were being. Here is an absentee ballot purple it's pretty. If you're Barrett's. Adrian registered it currently. Senator increasing pits are in my which he is not quickly here big ticket. Tomorrow these seats are off in here sir you're you're you then record Nazi or. Are we are one or two votes it's not hurt pretty good. The country but we're certain hero. You sooner than. Boring Emma I don't remember Boehner eight republic and her well you look her moves through front person weren't. If say. My auntie is worse in the city each story and yet been very sincere heart other sea scouts are here. The city he current. Woman who we care what could act that's just the only here and yeah Paris as the urban state hasn't been where you're seeing me. India existing TV anchor Vinson is it. Democratic congressional representative Debbie dingle from Michigan thank you very much for joining us on a Saturday morning and and as you heard guys she insists it was free and fair.

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{"duration":"6:46","description":"President-elect Joe Biden is moving ahead with the transition, checking in with Democratic leaders in Congress.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74333141","title":"Trump meets with Michigan officials amid controversy over certification of election results","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-meets-michigan-officials-amid-controversy-certification-election-74333141"}