Trump responds to FBI raid on Michael Cohen

ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams and Chris Christie weigh in on the focus of those FBI raids on Trump's attorney Michael Cohen and the president's response.
7:02 | 04/10/18

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Transcript for Trump responds to FBI raid on Michael Cohen
Right, approved by a judge. That furious respoe from president trump. I want T go to Jon Kar and, jon,t a surreal scene in T whituse. The urroundedy all those military brass and really let ose. Reporter: He isangry, George. He I lashing out and president isnl musing aboutfiring theciel. It took no prompting, surrounded he nation's topitary leaders for aeeting about syria,he president instead launched into a ak again special counsel Robert Mueller. So I just heard T they broke the office of one of my personal attorneys,ood man, and it's a disgraceful situation. It's a total witch-hunt. I've been saying it for long time. Orter: He wenn nearly eight minutes calling the raid on his pnallawyer's office a,quote, attack on our co Talking about a lot of serithings with the greatest fighting force ever a I have thisch-hunt constant goi on for over 12onths now and a disgrace. It's frankly a real dirace. It's an N our country true sense. Orr: His wra aimed not just at the special counsel, but also at his own attgeneral Jeff sons. He should have certainly let usno if he was going to re himself and we would have used a put a differ torney general. So he madehat consider to be a very tbl mistake for the try. But ll figure that Reportend for the F he publicly musedbout firing the Sal counsel investigating him. Why don't I just fire muelle well, I think it'disgrace what's goingon. We'll see what happens I think it's really a sad situation when Y look at what happened and man people have said, you shouldire him, again, they found nothi and in finding nothing that's big statement. Reporter: Some of the president's closest all in congress havearnedim that firing mue would be a gra mistake that would trigger consti crisis, maybe even impeachment.people close to the president have told that he has H thatmessage, that he understands it but,george, after what saw last night, nobody has any idea WHA president will do on this. One at all. Thanks very much. Let's talk more with our legal legal analyst drams, Chris Christie, federal prosecutor andformer New Jersey governor and nd and ally of president trum does heunders W firing ro Mueller would . I think he does. I Thi he doesut I think that what Jon just said is right. The prest islly angry about this and expressed that yesterday. I think doe understand it. But ink there's lots of people who are concerned that, you know, his react to this may overcome what -- th a big problem. I've toldim that. You know,ou can't -- you can't fire the specialunsel. You just can't and I think now we'r looking at the U.S attorney in southern district of new yorkho know well, a guy from New Jersey appod there attorney neral sessions, Thi a good guy, Berman. He is a boy scout. Hedo the R thing. La how many hoops they do go through to get this raid of Michael Cohen's office. Robert mur did notake this cision. Robert Mueller made theecision that this usually outside the scope of I'm supposed be doing. To clear he came upon evid he thought of some cral activity. Itms he came U some sort of potential criminal activity. Then hands itffectively to rod rstein who is the deputy attorney generalys, look, wend this, you decide what to do W it. Says to the southern distric of New York, ok, here's what we you decide what too with thisenhe U.S. Atty for the southern district of nor apted by Jeff sessions just recently interviewed with donaldtrump, makes a decision then seek out a search warrant, a judge thenigns off O it. The standard for a judge to sign off on this is high. Rmore, it's probable cau that a C was mmitted, thatevidence might be destroyed but you've also had internal justicedertment regulations, W it come shing like raiding a lawyer's fice, you lit ramally have to keep going and F to main justice, everyone Approved evetep of the way. How extraorry here the president's personal law It's not that extraordi in this ect, for a president, sure, B I meanou knthis happen you know, I D it wn I was U.S. Attorn T permission, B as Dan said, youknow, the went to justice ateast twice onthis, nstein sent it T the U.S. Attornn the rn he took an ident look and could have just said don't see anything here or'll just S someubpoenas or take some less intrusive steps. Heughat one of two gs was happg. Either he had evidencehat Cohen was not cooting with subpoenas that had already rved and/or that C W in the midst of desing evidence and that's what he went to the Jue department . Criminal division dep attorney general again. Someal jeopardy. See wh the investigation uncovers and increases the pressure on perhaps to give infoion on pdent trump. , But ion't think he's going toiolate the attorney/clientvilege. Look, there is anxception to that. A lot of people what about atey/client privilege here, yes, there are twoss there, numbne ishere's going to be a team peopleho are going to G in and determine anything that' potentially protected by the attorney/client privilegnd say this informatioes not go to investigators, pe. The second thing is there's an exceptcalled the crime fraexion which means that if the authorities believe that the president and his lawyer or anyone andir lawyerre together engaged in a pose crime or D, then attorney/ct privilege doesn't necessarily apply. Don'tnow exact We heard from president on this rightnow. He said theatey/client privilege is , total witch-hunt. It is dead becausehe way theustice department will proach it. There wi be taint team because you don't want to taint the prosecutors investigating it being potentialally conftial information. Thseparate it into stuff that's privileged andff that isn't Ann of the stuff at's privileged is in any evidence -- No privileor evidence of a crime. R a crime O fraud or ongoin crime or fraud. It would have to be betw the two of th if theynk president trump may have committed a C there's still an attorney/clien ivilege there. It's got to be piracy-like siion, George, that they see clear evidence and let'semr O other thing people willry to jump to conclusions about a lot of things.the only T we know for sure is W I said a long time ago to you W I there's no way you can make this investigation shorter, but there's L of ways you can make it longe this is evidence of that. Thank you both.

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{"duration":"7:02","description":"ABC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams and Chris Christie weigh in on the focus of those FBI raids on Trump's attorney Michael Cohen and the president's response. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54356881","title":"Trump responds to FBI raid on Michael Cohen","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-responds-fbi-rain-michael-cohen-54356881"}