Trump's personal attorney: FBI raids 'respectful'

Michael Cohen told ABC News' Kyra Phillips the raids were "very difficult for his family" and shares new details on what FBI seized at his home and offices.
3:55 | 04/11/18

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Transcript for Trump's personal attorney: FBI raids 'respectful'
Have a lot of news as well president trump is just fhrious calling the Russia investigationrrupt and never ending, this comes as he is considering, it appears, the fateful move of firing Robert Mueller. That I something we are going T discu all morning long but we ae those new details hose raids at the office T home of president trump's persoattorney, mil Cohen. It has the white house also up arms. We're learning the FBI was looking for records ont payment tormy Daniels. ABC news S wh Cohen who descd what HAPD when agents showed up at his front door and for T we welcome a Phillips here with . She has those details. Welcome. Great to be here. We everyone has been wondg what went Dow that day WHE the FBI raided his home his office and Theel room. We're talking about Michael Cohen, president trump' personal attorney, for years. So, I called up and that dayhehe details overnight, Michael coh spotted leaving dinner in New York City. Speakiutor the first timet that raid on his home, office andotel less than two days ago. Cohen telling ABC news the F agents didn't storm into his hotel room. Th simply knocked. He descr the operas respect and courteous. Coyswas clear the raid 'T personalvendetta. But adm it was very difficult for his family. The agents seized eronic devices, phones a financial dating back to 2013. A source saw the search warrant telling ABC N Cohen is being investidor possible bank and wire fraud R THA $130,000 payment to pornr sy Daniels paying her for H silence just 11 days before the action. They want to know where that money came from and precisely how it got Toher. Daniels claims sad an affair cosual? Oh, yes, yes. Reporter: Something the white house denied. Six days ago the president broke his since on danielsayinge didn't know anything about Michael Cohen's paymeo her. You have to ask Michael Cohen. Michaesy attorne and you'll have to ask Michael. Do you know W he got the money to make th pay No, I don't ow, no. Reporter: The white house when pre on Tay -- Good afternoon. Reporter: -- W say say if Cohen still works F the president. Does Michael Cohen still represent the prest? Not sure. I'd refer to you Michael Cohen on that. Eporter: He ser for his personal lawyer for mor than a decade oftenlicly defending the president. You bring fight to Donald trume's going T take that fight. I've N come across a situationre Mr. Trump has said something that' ac and I will do anything to protect Mr. Tr And Cohen reiterated to me there were FBI S.W.A.T. Team, no wea drawn during these raids, in fact, afterhe search he actually thank T for their professionalism. Y havenown imfor quite someend I know that you've been communicating with him this ring as well. Do you have a sense of how he's feel and if he's nervous at all. That's a great question E right now texting Thim -- texting with him he's saying I can'tk right now. That is not normalor Michael Cohen. In the past I'dall himup. He's veryconfident. Talk I have humorous, he has no problem talking about the man he represents.this rattled him and his family. Three different places 9:00 in the morni Wonderful to have you with th ABC news family. The ey here is pretty ntastic. And it's just Wednesday. I't wait for Friday.

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{"duration":"3:55","description":"Michael Cohen told ABC News' Kyra Phillips the raids were \"very difficult for his family\" and shares new details on what FBI seized at his home and offices.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"54385908","title":"Trump's personal attorney: FBI raids 'respectful' ","url":"/GMA/News/video/trumps-personal-attorney-fbi-raids-respectful-54385908"}