Uber developing technology to detect drunken passengers

The company has filed a patent application for software that could detect whether a passenger is in an "abnormal state."
2:34 | 06/12/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Uber developing technology to detect drunken passengers
'Re going to go to our "Gma" cov story now about Uber, they're filing a patent for technology that can help Ivers know if passengers are under the influ before they get into the car. ABC's T.J. Holmes is here with the details and, T.J., this technology is raising a lot of qutions. The question, how is your phone supposed to know you're drunk? Well, everybod think about it for a second. Haven't we all got a text message from a friendnd looking at the typos and you're like, whoa. My boy is messed U well, Uber I looking into that kind of technology and that kin of behavior among some others to fire out if you're drunk and this is raising safe concerns for both the driver and passen these are the scenarios Ubers hoping to avoid. Can I tell you something, you [ bleep ]. Remember this, an intexas indicatedormer taco bell ecutive who pleaded guilt to ttery sentenced to 60 days in jail after attack his Uber driver Can you call 911 please. Call 911. Oh, ye Reporte this Miami doctor who kneed an unear driver and made a mess of his car after a night out on the wn. It's a -- I'm so thankful he did not press ges or have me arrested. Reporter: Usual ser hoping to put an end to these drunken encounters filing a paten application for software that could detect if a passenger can in an abnormal ate, in her words, inebriated. It would use artificial intelligence to determine if you're acting unchacteristically, behavior like how fast you're walk speed and accuracy of your typi, even the angle that you're holding your phone. Alcontributing factors that D allowrivers to deny the ride. But while it M protect drivers from situations like this -- Shut the Up. Reporter: Experts warn it could lead to heightened dangers for passengers. You can assign a level behavior to all PEOP. It just doesn't fit. Ve you people with disabilities. People that are intoxicated who actually need rides and are in unsafe spaces. Reporter: So, yes, it's supposed to protect Uber drivers from people beingelligerent or king a mess in thecar. What about the person w40 needs a ride can't get one and decides to get in the car and drive? That's bad. Also you cld be vulnerable. If someone is intoxicated if there are Uber drivers preying on people, that person is intoxicated maybe I can take advantage of them. Uber has no plans to implement thisny time soon but are looking into it and raises like you said questions. Still a lot of questions and long way to go before it's plemented. Ank you very much, T.J. Good luck with those texts you get. Got to go to Amy. All right, Michael, thanks.

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"The company has filed a patent application for software that could detect whether a passenger is in an \"abnormal state.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"55833856","title":"Uber developing technology to detect drunken passengers","url":"/GMA/News/video/uber-developing-technology-detect-drunken-passengers-55833856"}