What's next for US, North Korea after summit

ABC News' Martha Raddatz and Tom Bossert, President Trump's former homeland security adviser, discuss the outcomes of the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un.
2:43 | 06/12/18

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Transcript for What's next for US, North Korea after summit
him a lot of money, the Canadian prime minister. I'm here with Martha Raddatz. Also Tom bsert just left the white house recently. Tom, let me begin with you. Clearly the president is animated by trade issues. That is not the script that I think his aide was have recommend coming into this meeting. We, I don't think it was the kind of script he would have used coming into the meeting. I think soy you asked him after the meeting. Thoughte felt a little more laid back so cld explain hielf. Certainly probably didn't help him coming to the meeting but it didn't hurt him either. Right. He came into these conversations with somebody he had to be tough. Hasn't reached an agreement to sign this historic ueprint for peace. Maybe it was an okay move to show a little strength there. Actually WHA president trump just dn that interview is a, kind of what Justin Trudeau said to him which is I'm going to stand up for America and Justin Trudeau said I'm going to stand up for Canadians and let's not for that presint trump starte calling Justin Trudeau names, that's what really crossed the line for a lot of people and probably for Justin Trudeau as well. Let's talk about the agreement coming out of here and, martha,he big headlines are United States can provide security guaranteeties and north Korea agrees to denuclearization. The president didn't empsize the wor after, the Korean peninsula, that's been the north Korean position. That's exactly what its and you started get at it with him talking about the nuclear umbrella a whether we would do away with that and he sai that wasn't on the table. But clearly what he's talking about as well is moving back ose strategic bombers and that is very significant. He is agreeing to something right away about security for them and denuclearizing the entire Korean peninsula. And the question is going to be, Tom Bossert, now, what does the United States get in return? What is Kim Jong-un doing? It seems like this meeting couldn't have gone better but it's about the followhrough. There are a number of things we G if this turns into action and without that action I think it's just word, right? The prident was clear eyed about it. First thing he remain us the sanctions stay in place uess there are demonstrated actions that can be verifi. He said when nukes is no longer a factor. W assumed THA denuclearization meant disarm the nukes and missiles and then disabl and dismantle this tale of production what the president did is ovide a little flexibility for when the benefs accrue to the north Koreans. And also said he might end up being wrong about Kim Jong-un, come back in a yea but as he said for him, a good start today.

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{"id":55831287,"title":"What's next for US, North Korea after summit","duration":"2:43","description":"ABC News' Martha Raddatz and Tom Bossert, President Trump's former homeland security adviser, discuss the outcomes of the meeting between Trump and Kim Jong Un.","url":"/GMA/News/video/us-north-korea-summit-55831287","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}