Video shows lava overtaking Hawaii home

More residents have been ordered to evacuate as officials say more than 80 structures have been burned due to the volcano.
2:27 | 05/29/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Video shows lava overtaking Hawaii home
Jon Karl, thanks very much. Michael. Thank you, George. Now T that vic -- volcano emergency overnight. Lava closes in ands video shows it destroyin a nehborhood andabc's whit Johnson is Hawaii with more. Goodning to you, whit. Reporter: Guy, goomorning. Take a look at thisredible . The lavflow com from fissure numb 8n the distance you see L fountains spewing L up into the air 100 feet and ignitingetation on the way. The big problem it's moving yet over anooad cutting off access making I moreifficult for people to evacuate Thathe fissure right there. Shootibout 300, 400 feet high Reporter: Waiting tilhe last second to out a group of men watching and recording. Th hawaiian neighborhood transform nothing a virtual hellscape. There she blows. Eporter: Smoke, lava and fire engulfing aes a fast-moving flow destr everything in its path. Is that the house or the tram? Tt's the house. Reporr: From inside it is owing Orange and a wave of pushing er. No, I H see that burn. Reporter:m the rooftop thava swallowing trucks. It just popped thetire, you guys. Reporter: And struct That houses burning. Reporter: Before the house is overtaken. Amping tt way too. Reporter: From the skynte neighborhosurrounded as lava flows freely throughhe streets with hopes bursting intoflames. That flow of lava started making its way Dow the streets disturbingly just some people refused to leave andives us terrifyingsight into what's going on out there. Reporter:icials saying more than 80 stures burned including at least 5ome answer thisorning three first responders are now recovering from injurie attempting to ectt's left of the hardest hit cities. And as we've been standing here you can hearhe hissing and poppin of the magma as it slowly moves across the street here. Also, if take a loo you can se those gases ris from the lava. That's creating this vog or lcanic smog aajor crn for air quality as it drifts over the island. THA you, whit. You just see those images and just jaw dropping. No in T. All right. Thank you.

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{"id":55500178,"title":"Video shows lava overtaking Hawaii home","duration":"2:27","description":"More residents have been ordered to evacuate as officials say more than 80 structures have been burned due to the volcano. ","url":"/GMA/News/video/video-shows-lava-overtaking-hawaii-home-55500178","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}