Deals to 'show a little love' on Valentine's Day

Tory Johnson brings us deals from businesses that will help pamper everyone you love this special weekend.
4:34 | 02/13/21

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Transcript for Deals to 'show a little love' on Valentine's Day
There's no better way to celebrate Valentine's Day then tenth street yourself and that's by Tory Johnson is here with sensational savings on products. That let you relax and refresh and you can get all of these deals. By appointing yourself on camera app that Q our code there at the bottom of your screen good morning I'm sorry I Dylan. Hello even your way to get started hinting that it is good line up first that is a Mika. These are hair tools and pretty every day a good haired Amy Scott seminary top sellers. Dryer curling iron went at their absolute fan favorite is they're screening rash with ceramic crystals because it delivers smooth straight shiny frizz free hair and just one stroke. So today's indicated take a look at those tools because they're all 50% off and they star. At 48 dollars all right let's next. Next Laura Geller so Laura Geller for thirty years has perfected her fan favorite formula as they call them he's delicious colors just really rich textures. They've got a huge assortment or. Face and eyes lit so we also have their brushes and tools and much screen is all this is about like not classy its just products. And colors that work. As they're supposed to do. Good data dive into these great deal on net every. Chief product ranges from four to 2250. These next triads are all about can't bring Torre. Yes that's to track this is a small woman is this fun fact Venus Williams is the chief brand officer and very involved in all of the product formulations. Its natural. Products that his courage self care self lab there's three absolute favorites that I got a shout out. There's a product called relieve your pain get seek quick and sorting Lohse and that has menthol magnesium and archive report H cooling pain relief swept big day away is there popular Himalayan cease all fast Freddie has. Grapefruit essential oil for an immediate energy blues. Their yoga mat cleaner is a favorite among the Williams sisters a lot of great stuff here that night into and we 50% off every single process. Under fifteen dollars and these next set of products that he can't end this the stock and come the that's right pair SL okay this is a hot therapeutics. Parents and that while wax treatment it's very easy there are booties and it's that you pop in the microwave for just two minutes. Stay warm up heat up and and you Wear them for ten minutes they have two different lines. They've got their performance recovery line that's used by other athletes people who worked out people even with our brightest as well as their beauty line which is great for just. Dry cracked scan it needs is a reed who. All of these are also there's four treatments it every single hot products and today 15% off their fifteen dollars. This kind of products Noel on the face mask. CF beauty these are reusable silicone patches that are both preventative and corrected so they worked overnight to four U pop LaMont in the day when you've got a few hours and you just how want to give yourself Malone beauty boost and they smooth hydrate and firmness in it work also on minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles we've got them for all the key spots so face eyes smiled rallied lip line also hands chest and acts which are very popular. 50% on today's start at ten dollars. Final one and this is so soft Torre. It's really a good one this isn't kilo bar. All there pillows art hand crafted in Texas I have small team right there in Dallas Texas. And west Austin is he's aren't designed for specific types of sleep verse that blended in the very front is called their side sleeper it's kind of I've heard I use this every night I cannot sleep without it is an awesome pillow and then we've got there's two down alternatives pillows into different sizes. These are great for anybody who has allergies high boil or Janet or just really wants an incredibly comfortable made an American pillow. All of them come with a matching cases 50% off two days to the press. Actually more than 50% drop the prices start at 39 dollars. What a good deal I think box my dog out without one down there keep him to decide not snoring in my ear. Hillary think he's so I can we partner with all these companies on these deals you can get them on our web site in North America dot com.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Tory Johnson brings us deals from businesses that will help pamper everyone you love this special weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"75870512","title":"Deals to 'show a little love' on Valentine's Day","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/deals-show-love-valentines-day-75870512"}