Tory Johnson shares huge deals on home favorites from small businesses

Save on home products like Everplush towels, The Anysharp knife and more.
4:26 | 07/11/20

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Transcript for Tory Johnson shares huge deals on home favorites from small businesses
Now to "Deals & steals," it's always a good time to make your home just a little bit homier and that's why Tory Johnson is here with huge savings on home favorites and from small businesses as well. Tory, good morning. Good morning, whit. I hope you are hugging that mannequin with ever plush because just like the name says, these are plush towels, bath robe, hair turbines, bath wraps, so many different options, all in great neutral colors. They are absorbent, they are soft, they are awesome. They come in singles and sets and everything is 50% off today so they range from $7.50 to $40. Then we move on to a great little company called any sharp, and they make all kinds of knife sharpening products. One of their most popular will allow you to turn any dull knife into razor sharp. It's got a strong power suction grip that will stick right to the countertop. They also have incredible scissors. These scissors are so cool, no matter what you need to cut, paper, plastic, carpet, chicken bones, you name it, it will cut through and just all good products for the kitchen from this company. Again slashed in half, so these today start at $8.50. Then, whit, let's move over to himalayan's finest. This is pink himalayan salt all manufactured in the foothills of the himalayan mountains. No additives, dyes or preservatives are going to be included in their product. It is great for cooking, baking, dressings or even just all alone on popcorn or your favorite foods. There's grinders and pouches and then all different textures from super fine, fine and coarse so channel your inner Martha Stewart. 50% off. They are $3.75 to $7.25 today. Martha Stewart has been waiting to come out during the pandemic. Here we go. This is a great product because you can clean any surface with just water. You can feel, whit, how soft those cloths are. So no chemicals needed. You can wipe down anything, tile, wood, stainless steel, glass, any surface, and all of the dirt and grime and dust will cling to that fabric like a magnet, which is what makes it awesome. We also have sponges and makeup removers from the company as well. And all of it is sold in sets and the sets are 50% off, and they start at $12.50. Then, whit, we've got a really cool one. This company is called fresh wave. What I love about this company is that it will eliminate any household odor instead of masking it. Very often when we have some kind of household odor, the first inclination is to spray a lot of fake fragrance to cover it. But that doesn't get rid of it. This product is safe for people, pets and our planet. It is a plant-based formula, and it comes in gels, sprays, pouches, and what's great is you can use it almost anywhere that there are common household odors, so kitchen, basement, closets, trash cans, lots of options from this great company all 50% off, starting at $4. And then finally this is a woman owned company based in Texas. It is called karma and they make great products that are both functional as well as accessibly priced. There are all kinds of things that we can use immediately whether we are staying indoors or going outside. Can coolers, bottle covers, totes, cosmetic bags, tunics, face masks. I think I brought you a huge assortment of anything, and as you see, it's all just cool, fun creative patterns, and everything from this company also 50% off. Really great prices, a huge assortment that you got to go online to see way more than you $2.50 to $17, whit, I think we've got something for everyone here. Yeah, and it says, whit, seriously funny, right there on the koozie. I know, just missing an "H." Just missing an "H," otherwise it's made for you. That's right, clearly my mom put this together. Thank you so much, Tory, as always. We partnered with all these companies on these deals. You can get them on our website, Eva and Dan, back to you. I feel like there wasn't enough commentary about your interaction with all the products. Yes. He was like doing an interpretive dance on the products. When or if Vanna white retires, whit Johnson -- Vanna whit. You have a job. Well, coming up,

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{"duration":"4:26","description":"Save on home products like Everplush towels, The Anysharp knife and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"71730470","title":"Tory Johnson shares huge deals on home favorites from small businesses","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/tory-johnson-shares-huge-deals-home-favorites-small-71730470"}