Tracking latest Black Friday bargains

ABC News' Becky Worley reports on how and where to find the best deals this holiday shopping season.
3:37 | 11/25/20

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Transcript for Tracking latest Black Friday bargains
now exclusively on Disney plus. That was great. The countdown to black Friday and major sales happening right now. Becky Worley is back. She's in what we call our super savers command center tracking it out at the hub. Hey, Becky. Reporter: Hey, again, Cecilia. How are you doing? It's going to be an interesting -- I'm glad to hear that. Are you ready for the shopping? I got some shopping to do but we've been listening to you all week. You've been saying this is the sage advice you've had for us. If you see a good deal now jump on it. It might not get any better. You are so right. I'm hearing from my sources at retail chains that because deals started so early this year they're worried about things running out. So I just want to jump right in and look at some of the most popular gifts. There's a chromebook at target that regularly retails for $219, it's $119 off right now. $119, that's $100 off. I have another chromebook, though, this one from Best Buy for $149, it's regularly 289. So you save 140 bucks. Great gifts for tweens and teens, Cecilia. Big savings there. You've also got your eyes on some small appliances. What are you looking at? Oh, Macy's is making a really big play here. I'm noting that they have the instant pot six-quart air fryer for 59 bucks, that's $6 aoff but the real savings come in a slew of 7.99 deals. Waffle maker normally 44, now 7.99. 16-cup rice maker also normally 44, now 7.99 and this smoothie size blender was $44, now 7.99. $37 off off all these. I'm sounding like crazy EdD 7.99? Okay. Sold. I know. What about TVs. What are you looking at? Best Buy has a 75-inch 4kl.e.d. For $649. A 7 a-incher. It was 849 so $200 off. Now if you're looking for the lowest price big screen, this 58-inch jvc TV at Walmart is 298. That's 194 off retail. What -- you've been in the stores and what if you have someone on your list hard to buy for like my husband. Yes, uh-huh. The man who has everything. Let's go Bose quiet comfort wireless headphone, always a popular gift. Normally they sell for 299. They're 199 now at The 23 and me DNA ancestry testing kit is $99 on Amazon, normally 199. 100 off and the echo show a smart speaker with a screen and makes an outstanding alarm clock/music player for your bedroom. $64 normally 129 so $65 off. Janai has her pen out. If you have little ones like her, what are you buying right now? Okay, if you have a must have gift buy now. I'm worried about hot toys like this being sold out. This is the bizarrely popular squeaky the balloon dog. I got this guy at target for $59. I'm turning him on. He likes to have his ears stroked, tumny rubbed. He will sit down, he'll drink water. If you need it, buy it now and squeaky, I think he gets a little annoying so I'll pop him. That's what happens. I love you said if you need If you need it. You need it. Becky, my friend, happy Thanksgiving to you and the family. Hope you guys are doing well and for everybody else to for more Black Friday deals.

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{"duration":"3:37","description":"ABC News' Becky Worley reports on how and where to find the best deals this holiday shopping season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74393465","title":"Tracking latest Black Friday bargains","url":"/GMA/Shop/video/tracking-latest-black-friday-bargains-74393465"}