Are 50 Cent's social media feuds for real?

Curtis talks about his online beefs, his father-son relationship and more.
6:33 | 02/18/20

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Transcript for Are 50 Cent's social media feuds for real?
show. He's been entertaining us for nearly two decades as a rapper, actor/producer and entrepreneur. Please welcome the one and only Curtis "50 cent" Jackson. Hi, nice to meet you. Hi. Great to see you. Come on over here. Come on. Before we -- I got to ask you really quickly, though, like I said, you've been entertaining us for so long, every time that song plays -- It's like the first time. How does that make you feel? It feels great. It's very old. But every day is somebody's birthday so it stays relevant. You're known on social media for your beefs and I wonder, are they real? Lot of the time it's not even my -- I haven't motivated it. It's like taraji. That's absolutely not real. Really? I think she's an amazing talent. Can't wait to work with her. Oh. Who's dishing there? Why is this starting? Oh, it starts because of power" and "Empire." "Power" hit the targeted audience. They said "Empire" is built on "Power." That kind of stole that and put that in the marketing. I always said that taraji and Terrence Howard, I'm fans of their work. It's kind of the jets and giants, for instance. I respect them, talk trash it makes it more interesting. Speaking of talking trash, 50, we like giving out gifts here. The next time you get online and you feel like getting your beef on, we have the time-out box. Put it in there. The time-out box. No, but -- It's bedazzled. You got the jewelry, you know. And congratulations. You've cemented your -- your fame with a new star on the Hollywood walk of fame. You're official. How cool was that? It was exciting. I always said because I didn't receive a lot of accolades to the materials, I received a lifetime achievement award. I wasn't really excited about it until everybody was there. Everybody and I was like, I should have wrote something done. I should have written something. Mary had called me because she's working on power 2. She called me to congratulate me. I was like, I'm nervous. She said don't be nervous, just go do it. No honor is better than that. Now you're on the Hollywood walk of fame. Nothing says greatness better than that. And I follow you on social media. And I see your son, I love when you post stuff, but I can't believe he's 7 1/2 already. What is a father/son day like for you two? It's cool. I just run around with him. I just go out and I've been making up stuff to do. I tell him, look, this is the deal. You get me the girls and I get whatever else you want. Now you had great success with all the stauf you've done. "Power" congratulations. You have a new show "For life." I'm very excited. Let's check out a clip. What's going on with your own case? The big day is tomorrow. If I win I'm ready to get back out there and it will be the bronx. That's not what we talked No. What changed? Like you said, he wins the election he'll take away my license. Wow. Now this is a legal drama. So why was it important for you to tell this story? I just thought it was socially the right story to tell and this was two years ago when I came across this story, it wasn't like -- like one in a million it's only one. It's a life story. To loosely base it on that, it made it interesting. Socially, people are social conscious, want to have that conversation right now with the innocence project. Even Kim Kardashian is working to get people exonerated and out of jail that are there wrongfully. Man, look -- overall, I want it to be entertaining. I don't want it to be like you're doing homework. You know what I mean? To be motivated and understand what's going on there's some issues with the system. But it's powerful, when you pull on people's heartstrings and gives a human face to it, it makes people care. When we talk about it, people turn their ears off. But when you show them something like this, I think it's so important. The story is so extreme, like, 70-years-plus life. You give the time back, appeal, gave back life and they firmed up 70 years. I was like, you never thought about copping out at any point. Yeah. 70-years-plus life that you you know, I think this is very timely. Entertaining. I stayed up late on a school night to watch the show. It takes a lot for me to do that. It's already number one in the 10:00 slot. Oh, wow. Congrats, man. But I'm not really happy with that because it's like, 10:00. Half of you all asleep already. You're clapping. "Good morning America." Everybody's asleep. But I'll be up again tonight, man. I'll be watching it. I'll spot you, brother. I think it opens a narrative that's very important. And "For life" airs tonight at 10:00 right here on ABC. 50 cent, Curtis Jackson,

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{"duration":"6:33","description":"Curtis talks about his online beefs, his father-son relationship and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69049639","title":"Are 50 Cent's social media feuds for real?","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/50-cents-social-media-feuds-real-69049639"}